‘Simple story told simply is a good script’

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Mumbai, March 27 (IANS) “Filmmaking, to begin with, is actually story-telling. It also deals with human behaviour. The world’s most famous movies told simple stories in the most simple way. If a scriptwriter keeps these three things in mind, he will come close to writing a very good screenplay,” feels a famous Hollywood screenwriter. At a panel discussion on script writing for today’s audience at the Ficci-Frames 2008 global convention on business of entertainment Thursday, Rex Weiner gave examples of movies of Frederico Fellini, Vittorio de Sica and Charlie Chaplin to make the point: they told universal stories in the simplest way without resorting to gimmicks.

“Charlie Chaplin doffing his hat and swinging his cane was the best visual effect in movies the world has seen ever,” Weiner said here.

Writer-director Vinay Shukla said at the session that storytelling in Bollywood movies has undergone a great change as the composition of audience has changed today.

“Earlier, Hindi movies were targeted towards the family audience. Over the last about one decade, the Hindi movies lost this section of audience to the Ekta Kapoors of television. So, they are now targeted towards the young generation. Naturally, the script-writers have to write keeping the sensibilities of the younger generation in mind,” he said.

Bollywood scriptwriter Anjum Rajabali stressed on the need for filmmakers to invest on the script-writing process to get the best result.

“Like the pharma companies have their own R&D department, each filmmaker should have a separate department to enable the writers to do research on their scripts. Now only Yash Raj Films has such a department,” he said.

Rajabali said that the filmmakers should make scriptwriters stakeholders in their project for better involvement and dedication in the manner that the builders make the architects their stakeholders in their construction projects.

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