Sherlock Holmes trailer released

May 19th, 2009 - 11:24 pm ICT by GD  

The first trailer of the much hyped “Sherlock Holmes” by Warner Bros. is finally out. This is a new age thriller, a new Sherlock Holmes altogether. A glimpse of the new approach is certainly available with the new trailer that has come up. There are thrills, there is adventure, and, there is definitely a sense of humor. Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the legendary detective not only pays tribute to his unquestioned sharpness of intellect, but also his fighting skills!!

Iron man Robert Downey Jr. is greatly suited to the role as is evident from the trailer. The movie doesn’t certainly seem to be going to be any disappointment for Holmes’ or Downey Jr.’s fans. The focus of the story is of course Holmes’ fight with a Satanist. But adding depth and interest to the film is the new dashing Watson, played by Jude Law. The on-going banter and the brotherly romance between Holmes and Watson is certainly an interesting part of any Holmes story and hopefully, as promised by the trailer, the audience will not be disappointed by the Holmes-Watson portrayal in this film. Irene Adler, played by Rachael McAdams is going to further add to the visual interest of this thrilling movie.

The film is based on an upcoming Sherlock Holmes book by Lionel Wigram. Holmes is not out to solve any individual’s mystery/problem, but rather tackling issues of national interest. He is here trying to unravel a fatal plot which has the potential to destroy the country if not controlled in time. The film is now scheduled to be released on December 25.

Sherlock Holmes Trailer 2009

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