Shawn Michaels Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame!

January 11th, 2011 - 2:38 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 11 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Last night for the first match of WWE Monday Night Raw, Santino came toward the ring to compete in a Championship match, but was quickly interrupted by the new nexus and their leader, CM Punk. Under Punk’s direction, the Nexus members began to fight against themselves in some sort of initiation process. McGillicutti finally took the ultimate sacrifice and was slammed by the others members, and finally Punk himself to become the first member to be initiated into the “New Nexus”. The other members were then instructed to carry him out of the ring by their leader, Punk.

R Truth made his way to the ring next, singing his theme, “What’s Up?” Alberto Del Rio soon followed in his Bentley, a sea salt colored model worth over one hundred thousand dollars. As the fight ensued, Del Rio’s ring announcer took the mic, and got into R Truth’s face, yelling “What’s Up?’ over and over. R Truth knocked him out, but unfortunately he was counted out of the ring, making Del Rio the winner.

Michael Cole soon received an email from the General Manager, which stated that he supported Michael Cole in every conceivable way, even though he was an arrogant, pompous, self centered jerk… He added, “just kidding,” and said that Michael Cole was great and that we needed more men like him. The email went on to sing Michael Cole’s praises. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler interrupted Michael to say that he had just received a message from the WWE Universe, “And I quote, would you please shut up!” As Jerry neared Cole, Cole reminded him of the ordinance that stated that if those two men touched each other, they were fired. The General Manager emailed to say that the Miz and Alex Riley would take on Jerry and Randy Orton in a tag team match last night.

Punk told Husky that in order to be a member of the new Nexus, he would have to willingly take three lashes with a belt from every nexus member. He agreed, took off his shirt and did so.

Ted DiBiase and Tyson Kidd began their match with Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry, as the Bella twins and Maryese looked on from the sidelines. Mark Henry planted Tyson Kidd with the “world’s strongest slam from the world’s strongest man”, winning the match for himself and Daniel Bryan.

Although he is from ‘Smackdown’, the world’s largest athlete, The Big Show made his way to the ring last night on ‘Raw’. As he began to speak, the Nexus interrupted Big Show, with Otunga making his way to the ring. With one look back at Punk and a deep sigh, Otunga walked up to the Big Show and slapped him, in what was obviously his initiation. Big Show proceeded to throw Otunga around like a rag doll. That means Husky, McGillicutti, and Otunga are in the new Nexus.

John Morrison made his way to the match, followed by Sheamus. The two men battled for some time, adding fuel to their already heated rivalry. Sheamus began to dominate the match, and it seemed as though John Morrison could be in trouble. The Irishman seemed to be just toying with his opponent. But Morrison soon began to fight back, and struggle his way back into the match. Soon, however, Sheamus regained control and he seemed to be winding up for his devastating blow. At the last second, Morrison was able to kick Sheamus in the head as Sheamus let his guard down for one second. That was all it took, Morrison held Sheamus for the three count, winning the match.

Gabriel and Slater were the next two men to go through their Nexus initiation. Punk gave them both Ken-do sticks, and ordered them to beat each other. “You are either in or out. I expect home runs from all my players,” he stated. They held the sticks, rared back at each other, and paused. As Punk egged them on, they looked as though they may hit him instead. “Go Ahead,” Punk said, opening his arms. Instead, they dropped the sticks and walked away. Are Gabriel and Slater out of the Nexus?

Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler stood in the ring and described how it felt to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. He shared all of the qualities of a WWE Hall of Famer, as well as how much they were respected by the WWE nation. The surprise inductee, and the first member of the WWE Hall of Famer’s Class of 2011 was .. Shawn Michaels! “HBK, The Heartbreak Kid” brought with him the chants of the audience as he came to the ring. The energy of the crowd was unreal as he stepped out to his theme song “Sexy Boy”. Shawn Michaels is one of the very few people to ever retire from the WWE and stay retired…well so far at least.

The audience began to chant “One more match,” just before Alberto Del Rio interrupted. Michaels just grinned and watched as Antonio spoke of how the audience used to cheer for Shawn, to which the WWE nation responded by chanting “HBK, HBK, HBK.” He told Shawn Michaels that he was history. Shawn Michaels kicked Del Rio in the face with his move, “Sweet Chin Music” and stopped Del Rio dead in his tracks before leaving the ring with Del Rio’s scarf around his neck.

As the announcers began to discuss John Cena, CM Punk interrupted from high atop the Teletron screen, about fifty feet in the air. Punk spoke of how Husky, Otunga, and McGillicutti sacrificed to be in the Nexus, and then went on to say that he would pay the ultimate sacrifice and dive off of the Teletron. As the audience cheered at the thought of Punk jumping to serious injuries, he laughed at them and told them they were the most gullible crowd of people anywhere, and showed them that he wore a harness. Apparently, Punk expects his members to harm themselves, but he will not. But this time it was Cena’s turn to interrupt. He appeared via satellite to inform Punk that next week in a match against Cena, he was going to get whooped.

The Miz came out next, to compete in a tag team match with Alex Riley against Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Randy Orton, per orders of the anonymous General Manager. Jerry started off the match by taking down the arrogant Miz, tossing him around and beating him all over the ring before tagging off to Orton. Soon, however, Jerry was back in the ring with Miz, as Miz gained the upper hand. After a few illegal moves from both teams, which were unseen by the referee, Randy Orton ‘RKO’d’ Alex Riley, and then tagged in Jerry, letting the King win the match for the team, and randy stared down Miz, whom he will be fighting in the Royal Rumble.

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