Shahid finds a new love

May 25th, 2009 - 4:56 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Shahid finds a new love There’s a new prankster in town, and believe it or not, it’s the quiet and reserved Shahid Kapoor. Lately choreographer Ahmad Khan and director Ken Ghosh have been getting distracted on the sets of their current film. The reason is Shahid’s new found love for photography. Shahid has just bought himself a spanking new camera set up worth a couple of lacs, the D50 from Cannon with some sophisticated lenses and accessories, and he has been on a shooting spree ever since. Lately every day Ken and Ahmad get blinded by flashes thanks to (cameras are not allowed on sets usually), only to realize that its none other than Shahid taking candid shots of theirs without their knowledge, much to the unit’s amusement.

And not just this, but Shahid has not even been sparing the press. He has been surprising the press photographers by clicking them them before they can click him. Ofcourse, once the press photographers click him, he immediately gets into long discussions with them on the aperture, lenses, shoot speed, angles and more. Needless to say, the camera accompanies him everywhere lately. Now there’s a thought for all those female fans to dwell on. -Sampurn Media
Shahid finds a new love

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