Shabana Puts On 25 Kgs For Gurinder Chaddha

April 24th, 2009 - 11:44 am ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Shabana  Puts On  25 Kgs  For Gurinder Chaddha By Subhash K Jha

If you see a grossly overweight woman waddling around the busy streets of London looking like Shabana Azmi, chances are it is the mighty Azmi herself looking laden with loads of weight that she never before carried around.

In fact those of us who saw Shabana at the Filmfare awards last February were wondering what on earth was wrong with her. But Shabana had begun preparing for her part two months ago, tucking into those sinful calorie-enhancing goodies with a relish that only the committed actor in her could enjoy.

Now hugely overweight Shabana is having the time of her life playing a hysterical Punjabi woman for Gurinder Chadha’s It’s A Wonderful Afterlife .

This is the look that she must hold in place for the next month and half, a dangerous state for her metabolism to be in at her age. But for Shabana preparation is all.

She had shaved her head off for Deepa Mehta’s Water. And for Shayam Benegal’s Mandi she had put on weight to look like a well-to-do Madame in a brothel.

But 25 kgs for one role? Laughs Shabana from London, “Yes, you’ve heard right. I have put on 25 kgs and I’m waddling around unrecognizable to all except those who know who I am.”

The experience of working with Gurinder Chadha who herself is on the prosperously plump side is enriching for Shabana. “Gurinder is in control without being bossy which is a remarkable quality in a director.”

Javed Akhtar has also joined Shabana in London. “He’s here for the London book fair

My sister-in-law Tanvi and two of my close friends are coming in this weekend.So I’m having a ball.”

That the weighing scale can be told to go fly a kite is only adding to Shabana’s enjoyment in London.
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Shabana  Puts On  25 Kgs  For Gurinder Chaddha

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