Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Still Dazzles

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was a hit way back in 1954 and even on stage the show makes a delightful audience experience, as it opened at Fort Collins’ Carousel Dinner Theatre.

The show follows Adam and his six brothers who live somewhere in Oregon in the 1800s. On a regular visit to town to buy supplies Adam seems Milly, a newcomer to the area who is known already for being a good cook and a great looker. Adam proposes marriage to her and she accepts not knowing what awaits her back at his home.

Back in their home Milly finds six totally unmannered brothers who are in awe of her feisty self and begins to bring discipline and order into the household. Very soon the brothers realize they too need wives and a hatch a plot to kidnap six girls from the town, bring them back to the cabin and create an avalanche that blocks the route to town for half a year. In that span of time Milly is to coach the boys and the girls the art of “goin’ courtin’” before the girls return to town. The plot unfolds from there.

David Ambroson plays Adam to perfection and begins the show with a bang. Milly, played by Selah Grace is tailor-made for the role as she sweeps the audience away with her amazing act. She is a beautiful singer and dancer and has a strong stage presence. Her first solo tells the audience that she has the zest for life in her personal life too. The other brothers, played by Tyler Lee, Andrew Danver, Mark Scherer, Michael Misko, Lars Haglund and Glenn Snellgrosse II are brilliant too and they sing, dance and act delightfully.

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