Separated at birth, Spanish twins reunite 28 years on while shopping!

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London, May 28 (ANI): They were separated at birth because of a hospital error and for 28 years had no clue about each others existence, until destiny played its role by uniting them. Now, one of the twin girls is suing the Spanish hospital where the fateful mix-up was made and which led to her growing up in the wrong family.

The woman is seeking 2.4 million pounds in damages for the error, which came to light after she was spotted in a shopping centre by a friend of her twin sister.

In just one day, my world fell apart. I wish it had never happened, Times Online quoted one of the twin, as saying.

In an attempt to shield them from the intense media interest that their case has generated, her lawyer, Sebastian Socorro, has not revealed the women’s identities.

The case is further complicated by the existence of a third victim: the baby who was inadvertently switched with one of the twins when they were born.

The reunion occurred in 2001 after one of the sisters walked into a shop in the Canary Islands. The assistant was taken aback by the unfriendly manner of the woman who she thought was her friend, and offended that she did not even say hello.

When the shop assistant called her friend to upbraid her about the snub, she was assured that the friend had not been at the shopping centre.

A few days later, when the other woman came into the shop again, the assistant approached her and began to ask questions.

The similarity was crushing. They were like two drops of water, the shop assistant said.

Astounded by their likeness, she arranged a meeting between the two sisters. Standing in front of each other, as if facing a mirror, the siblings began to compare notes. One of them said she had a twin sister but that they did not look alike.

They had been born at the same hospital, it emerged, but apparently three days apart.

The twins decided that the only way to confirm what had happened would be to take a DNA test. But the twin who had grown up with the wrong family got cold feet, the lawyer said.

Three years later, she relented and took the test, which concluded that the two were genetically identical. (ANI)

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