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By Anita Thomas

Neuropsychologists and Neurocriminologist study the brains of serial killers and new brain scans reveal that they could be natural born killers. ABC Primetime goes deep into the minds of killers who savagely murder. The brain of Pro-Wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his family then took his own life in 2007, is examined to see what damage and trauma could be linked to his behavior.

Dr. Julian Bailes Chief Neurosurgery at WVU studied the brains of Mike Webster a Pro Football player and that of wrestler Benoit. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) a condition that is caused by traumatic head injuries or repeated blows to the head, showed to be the possible cause of what went wrong in the minds of these two men. Benoit’s father said it is still painful to deal with and to hear all the negative comments about his son. Mike Benoit defends his son and say s, “I would ask him to come to dinner and he would say no I want to spend time with my family, that’s all he wanted to do, he loved his family.”

Dr. Fallon a neuroscientist who studies the brain has always been told there was a dark side to him. Not understanding why so many would think of him as having a dark side he took a brain scan encouraged by his mother. So Dr. Fallon and along with his family took the scans, and it seems to be that Mr. Fallon does have a dark side. His scan showed the same significant signs of brain malfunction which those of a psychopath has. He also discovered his distant famous relative is none other then Lizzy Borden, who was accused of bludgeoning her parents to death. But Dr. Fallon doesn’t have a single mean bone in his body, let alone his head. He contributes his behavior to that of his environment and the love from his family.

So does the environment and upbringing from a loving fam ily help to curb natural born killers? Scientist and neurologist are still putting pieces of the puzzle together as they continue to study brain activities, traumatic head injuries and the effects of the environment with psychopaths and aggressive behavioral changes.

Primetime can be seen on your local ABC television network.

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