Secret of Ali Vincent’s success: The reigning biggest loser

April 16th, 2008 - 5:53 pm ICT by amritpal  

Ali Vincent is the Biggest Loser Winner. But what do we learn from her? We hail her as the winner, the champion but what are our takeways from it? Let’s dwell in it a little bit more - for our own benefit.

Her profile at NBC (16 weeks old) says that she is an outgoing beautiful girl that is trapped inside her body. She works as a hair dresser in a salon and in the world of beauty, being overweight is a huge handicap. Ali’s dream is to be a platform artist for a large corporation, but knows she can’t achieve her dream unless she loses the weight. Once a champion synchronized swimmer that represented the USA on the world stage, Ali now lives in the shadow of her former self.

Well, Not anymore! She is an amazing success that the overweight America is looking upto. She also has plans to create a non-profit foundation to support young girls and women in getting appropriate nutrition and exercise information as well as learning how to feel beautiful in their own skin.

We would like to enlist the secrets of her success as follows:

1) Commitment: Unwavering / rock solid commitment was the hallmark of Ali’s transformation. Every day she would give her best for an incremental improvement. Strict diet regimes, painful workout sessions and stress of being in the competition. Still she would not run away from the battlefild but accepted the challenge.

2) Hard Work: She says she gave more than 100% to the job with amazing regularity. There are no short-cuts to success. Only hard work can take you near to that goal.

3) Self Belief: The lady always believed in herself that she could do it - be the first female biggest loser winner. Just because there had been none before, didn’t mean that she could not be the first one. She dared to dream beyond the obvious and achieved success.

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