Secrecy over Iraq war dead inspired Cusack to make “Grace Is Gone”

December 12th, 2007 - 5:00 pm ICT by admin  

Washington, Dec 12 (ANI): Actor John Cusack is sharing his views about the Iraq war in the critically acclaimed “Grace Is Gone” movie.

The actor was inspired into producing the movie by the secrecy the government was keeping regarding those who had died at the Iraq war.

The movie is about a man who takes his daughters on a road trip because he can’t bear to tell them their soldier-mother has been killed in Baghdad.

“I wanted to make this film after the Bush administration blocked pictures of the dead coming in,” New York Daily News quoted Cusack, who also stars in the movie, which opened Dec 07.

“It’s very Vietnam-esque. We wanted to present a film that showed the caskets coming in. If people see the human side of war, they’ll be so revolted that they’ll do more to stop it,” he added.

John asked his co-star Shelan O’Keefe, what she thought about the war and he was stunned with the answer that he got.

“My co-star Shelan O’Keefe is 12 and very Zenlike she’s at that age where the world hasn’t corrupted her yet, and she’s so honest,” Cusack said.

“I asked her what she thought of the war, and she said that it’d been going on half her life and so she didn’t even know what life was like without it. And that cut me to the core,” he added.

“This government has asked us to sacrifice nothing for this. The troops are sacrificing everything. It just seems like an obscenity,” he concluded.

Cusack who is known for his romantic comedies, is no stranger to antiwar protests. His mother, Nancy, has been arrested at demonstrations, and his late father, Richard, often had his radical college roommate Philip Berrigan and his brother Daniel over to the Cusack house. (ANI)

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