Scrooge McDuck tops Forbes list of wealthiest fictional stars in the world!

December 20th, 2007 - 7:59 pm ICT by admin  

New York, Dec 20 (ANI): Forbes magazine has released its annual Fictional Fifteen list, ranking the wealthiest fictional stars in the world.

Coming at the top spot is the always impeccably dressed Scrooge McDuck, whose reported net worth is 28.8 billion dollars.

Following him is Flash Gordon’s evil ruler Ming the Merciless, who is anything but penniless, with 20.9 billion dollars in his bank account, if he had one, reports New York Post.

The small but very rich Richie Rich came in at number three. Mom from Futurama, sat pretty at the fourth spot with an impressive 15.7 billion dollars empire thanks to her Mom’s Friendly Robot Co.

Jed Clampett, a true rags to riches story, after he discovered an underground stash of oil and took hold of 11 billion dollars, rounded off the fifth position.

The wealthiest faux stars in the world:

Scrooge McDuck, 28.8 billion dollars

Ming the Merciless, 20.9 billion dollars

Richie Rich

Mom from Futurama, 15.7 billion dollars

Jed Clampett, 11 billion dollars

The Simpsons’ C. Montgomery Burns, 8.4 billion dollars

Family Guy’s Carter Pewterschmidt, 7.2 billion dollars

Batman’s Bruce Wayne, 7 billion dollars

Gilligan’s Island’s Thurston Howell III, 6.3 billion dollars

Iron Man’s Tony Stark, 6 billion dollars

Fake Steve Jobs, 5.7 billion dollars

The Addam’s Family’s Gomez Addams, 2 billion dollars

Willy Wonka 1.9 billion dollars

Harry Potter’s Lucius Malfoy, 1.6 billion dollars

Super Mario Brothers’ Princess Peach, 1.3 billion dollars


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