Say no to tobacco

May 30th, 2009 - 7:04 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Say no to tobacco If you say “I don’t consume tobacco”, you are wrong. Even though we do not smoke we all are affected by the others who smoke. Hence, we all are equally responsible to propagate total eradication of smoking on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day on May 31st.

The health effects of second hand smoking are as serious as smoking itself. “Once I was with my friends and we were discussing something in a room. Four of them were smoking. It was very claustrophobic for me”, actress Manini De recalls her experience as passive smoker. For all you young guys out there who believe smoking is style statement, VJ Juhi who is no less combination of style and modernity is a non smoker, “It’s really uncomfortable to be among people who smoke. When in a club there are many guys smoking together it start hurting your eyes” she shares.

All my friends who smoke think while you take a puff, what cigarette smoking has given you, nothing but less healthy life. Party animal Amit verma of Hotel Kingston fame confesses, “I do smoke but I want to get rid of it completely. When I don’t have to do anything in parties I smoke, that reaps nothing but makes me lethargic and kills the hunger. In fact I hate the fact that it not only affects me but also my loved one’s who are around”. Gaurav Gera a.k.a Nandu-Bandu admits, “I started smoking with my friends when I was 19 but now I want to get rid of it. My mom also keeps complaining about it. It’s not healthy at all”. Once upon a time Narayani Shastri did get into the habit of smoking but now she has aversion to the smell of it, “I use to smoke so I can understand why people do it but now I keep away from smoking and smokers. I stopped it on my own when I realized that it’s not good for health”.

Will power and one’s inner conscience is above everything but Ratan Rajput a.k.a Lalee from agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo, persuaded her guruji Surendra Sharma and made him to quit smoking, “Me and my guruji’s daughter were constantly after him. I use to keep check on him on the sets and his daughter kept watch on him at home and finally we succeeded in our mission. It feels great to gift him a good health”.

When whole world is observing 31st may as no tobacco day Ratan is concerned about passive smokers and urges to all who smoke in public “jeeyo aur jeene do (live and let live)”. Amit makes an appeal, “If there is one particular day for no tobacco take it seriously and make it the day when you actually quit smoking”. Narayani who has emerged triumphant insists, “DON’T SMOKE, right now you won’t but after 15 years you will realize how dangerous it is”. Manini De evokes the importance of life, “Marna to sabko hi hai lekin aise kyun maro yaar (everyone has to die but why like this)”.
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Say no to tobacco

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