Sarah Paulson on the David Letterman Show

March 24th, 2009 - 8:45 pm ICT by GD  

David Letterman Sarah Paulson, who made her Broadway Debut in 1993 with, “the Sisters Rosenweig” and best known for her supporting roles in the movies “Down with Love’ and “What Women Want appeared on the David Letterman show, the man who recently married his 20 years long standing girlfriend Regina Lasko, last night.

With a blood hair and red cheeks she was very perky and looking very pretty as well. Om being on the show she said that she was feeling out rightly nervous and that at any moment she might have a stroke or other form of a deadly attack culmination from the nervousness from being on the show. But, thank God, Sarah did not have any strokes during the whole show. Sarah also confessed that she was a bit of hypochondriac.

During the show, the actress did some rather remarkable impersonations of Kathleen Turner, with those signature deep and smoky intonations. In addition, to the impersonations, Sarah also shared some of her experiences with Kathleen Turner. She said that once she had acted in a play directed by turner, and every night before the start of the rehearsals Kathleen would in her famous deep voice would make announcement, instructing the audience to unwrap their candy or gum and switch of their cell phones before the start of the play.

When she did this imitation of Kathleen spot on, it was pretty hilarious and entertaining. Sarah further said that working with Kathleen was fabulous and a lot of fun too and that she loved working with her.

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