Rookie go searching for a missing girl

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By Anita Thomas

While Chris and Gail are discussing their relationship a speeding red truck dives by them as they are monitoring a speed trap set up by the force. They radio ahead to Officer Oliver that the red truck is headed his way. Officer Oliver and rookie Dov spot the red truck and begin the chase, but before they even have a chance to stop him the car crashes into a vehicle driven by a young women. Officers Gail and Chris arrive on the scene to assist Oliver and Dov, they approach the red truck and find there is no one inside. The officers begin to search for the driver or anyone that may have possibly been in the truck.

Oliver contacts the station about the accident and gives the plate number of the red truck. Dispatch tells the officers the truck is registered to white male pedophile, an amber alert was announced minutes before the cras h occurred. The search is now on for a nine-year-old girl who was last seen getting into the truck at a nearby market with the white male suspect.

Andy invites Det. Luke over for dinner at her apartment and he quickly accepts. He acknowledges that he is looking forward to their evening.

Noelle, who has been injecting herself with hormones to help her conceive a baby, sits anxiously in the locker room with Traci waiting for the test results of her pregnancy test.

Chris and Gail discover a book bag and plaid red jacket while searching for the missing girl possibly involved in the crash. Detective Sam and Andy questions the parents of the missing girl, Andy talks to the mother who tells them that she had taken a pill to help her relax and then sent her daughter off to walk to school. The elementary school the girl attended was several blocks away from her home. The daughter on her way to school was spotted climbing into a red truck by security cameras at the market.

Investigating they find that the pedophile purchased bus tickets out of town. The officers stop the bus heading out of town on a freeway inside a tunnel. Looking over the people on the bus they spot the pedophile along with the little girl sitting behind him and a women that was helping the man. The parents are overjoyed to be reunited with their daughter back at the station.

Luke at Andy’s apartment questions her about the relationship she has with Detective Sam Swarek. She tells Luke that her relationship with him is nothing and the one night they spent together nothing happened. With that said he walked out, leaving Andy standing alone wondering what to do.

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