Rookie Blue: Rookies pick their targets

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By Anita Thomas

The rookies are practicing to indentify criminals by shooting paper targets; the only one that seems to know the good guys from the bad guys is Andy. McNally is assigned to prisoner transport duties for her exceptional shooting skills and Detective Sam Swarek (Benn Bass) is driving with her. Andy unsure of her feelings for Sam is finding it difficult to work with him.

Detective Jerry Barber is stressed when he realizes the notes he had for a murder case are lost. Panicked he informs Traci what happened and she tries to help him out. Rookie Officer Chris Diaz finds that Barber and Traci are troubled about something and offers to help. The three desperately try to reconstruct the crime scene to help Jerry piece the information back together so it will be fresh in his mind during the court proceedings the following day.

Sam and Andy in the mist o f transporting the prisoner back to their jurisdiction for trial make a pit stop along the way. Sam exits the car telling Andy that under no circumstances is she to talk to the prisoner, help the prisoner or get out of the car herself. The prisoner who is eating a hotdog in the back seat of the squad begins to choke or at least acts like he is choking. Andy jumps out the car and as she begins to open the door to help him, the prisoner kicks the door and knocks McNally to the ground. Lost now in the woods, Sam and Andy need to find him quickly before darkness falls.

Barber and Chris go through paperwork that was filed on the murder case that Barber lost his notes to. While piecing it together Chris discovers the numbers on the files don’t match up, Barber then realizes the prisoner that Sam and Andy are transporting is actually the killer not just an accomplice. Barber’s phone calls to Sam go unanswered; unaware he is in the woods looking for the escaped prisoner. Andy finds the prisoner only to end up on the ground with him choking her. Sam to the rescue comes up from behind and knocks him off Andy. Securely cuffed and chained they deliver him to the prescient with no questions asked as to what took them so long.

Sam informs Luke that his stupidity is what is keeping him from having a relationship with Andy. “Nothing happened between me and Andy, I tried and she pushed me away, she is crazy about you.” Sam tells Luke. As Andy leaves the station she sees Luke waiting for her at the car, and the two have their relationship on track once again.

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