Ron Klain premieres in HBO recount

May 26th, 2008 - 6:32 pm ICT by David M N James  

Ron KlainThe political lawyer and influential Democrat have been making inroads in the media through his New York Times column on current American political debacle. Klain has written enormously on the Democrats race for the presidential candidature between Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. He was Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign policy and debate and staff preparation. Ron was also the chief of staff for Vice President Al Gore during the 1996 election and ran Al Gore’s “war room” in 2000. He was instrumental and very central in the preparation for Senator John Kerry’s 2004 presidential bid. He is the key feature in the movie ‘Recount where he features predominantly as the key legal stalwart during the Florida recount.

Ron’s role in the movie exhibits a rash, clever and ambitious leader. Recently he has been advising the democrats on the key role of a unified party to beat the McCain campaign.

Ron is an influential lawyer who has close knit relation with Democrat presidential candidates. He grew up in Indiana. He was Al Gore chief of staff and an instrumental figure in the Al Gore campaigns. The prolific lawyer had controversial statements with colleague and Al Gore filed operative. “I don’t think I even like Al Gore” he told Michael Whouley during the Florida recount bout between the Republicans and Democrats. His career as a lawyer started with Justice Byron White as his clerk in 1987-88, he became Chief Counsel for the U.S Senate Judiciary committee in Capital Hill.

Ron demotion and subsequent fall out with Gore was based on his strategic position in the Clinton angle hence seemed sympathetic to Clinton ideologies than Gores in 1999. Lately Ron has been writing strong voiced articles in New York Times on the current American political progress with emphasis on the Democrats contest. Ron gained his repute during the Katherine Harris ruling in Florida in favor of George Bush. Ron was defeated in his legal capacity and was fatigued as the Gore team led by advisors Christopher and David Boies who relentlessly sought legal redress from the US Supreme Court on the Florida recount which was a Katherine Harris show.

Ron has featured predominantly in the movie ‘Recount’ where his role and that of Warren Christopher the one time US secretary of State

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