“Rohit is extremely considerate” - Mugdha talks about her ‘All The Best’ director

May 28th, 2009 - 9:59 am ICT by Sampurn Wire  

By Joginder Tuteja

Mugdha Godse is smiling away day in and night out in spite of her injury. Reason? Due to her physical condition which requires her to take ample care of her neck on a 24X7 basis, she is being pampered silly on the sets of ‘All The Best’. So whether it is director Rohit Shetty or her co-star Ajay Devgan or the other members from cast or crew, Mugdha is being treated with utmost care on the sets of the film for which shooting is currently in progress at Goa.

“Rohit is extremely considerate about my physical state and is making sure that I don’t have any issues during shooting for ‘All The Best’. Not that I have any reason to complain in any case but still Rohit keeps asking me if I am comfortable shooting for the film”, remembers Mugdha who is now back in Mumbai to shoot for Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Jail’ which is currently nearing completion.

She can’t get the glee off her face as she recollects the royal treatment that is being meted upon her.

“I guess the injury is a blessing in disguise”, winks Mugdha, “Everyone is being so sweet and nice to me. Ajay (Devgan) especially arranged for a doctor for me while the choreographer too asks me twice if I would be comfortable doing a particular step. I am enjoying all the attention though on a serious note, I sometimes feel bad that because of me, everyone is so worried. I would just want things to be normal.”

Tell her that on the sets of ‘Jail’ she is more of ‘ghar hi heroine’ (as she has worked with her mentor Madhur Bhandarkar before in ‘Fashion’) while for Rohit Shetty’s ‘All The Best’ she is a ‘mehmaan’ due to which is getting that special attention and she chooses to merely smile away without making a comment.

While she is still recovering from the injury that she got due to a road accident that she met with a few weeks back, Mugdha has been advised to wear some precious stones around her arm. Apparently, these stones are medically proven to aid in faster healing process and in general are good for one’s physical being.

“Even Ajay and Kajol wear these stones”, tells Mugdha, “I took their advise and started wearing them myself. My other medication is in progress in any case and I should be able to get 100% well soon.”

Incidentally, Mugdha is already staring at a double whammy ahead since both ‘Jail’ as well as ‘All The Best’ are slated to arrive during the same time period. While ‘All The Best’ has already pencilled in 16th October as it’s release date, Madhur Bhandarkar too has gone on record to state that ‘Jail’ would most likely arrive in either September or October.

Now it has to be seen if Mugdha would enjoy similar pampering at the box office in case ‘Jail’ ends up clashing with ‘All The Best’. -Sampurn Media

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