Rock star Joe Walsh at logger heads with his bands ethics

May 26th, 2008 - 11:41 pm ICT by David M N James  

Rock star Joe WalshJoe Walsh has confessed to being unhappy with his bands ethics. “The band operates outside the music industry” He states flatly. Walsh blames the Eagles for lacking record label executives time lines something which he terms as an unethical practice. The rocker insists there should be set time frames for everything but the band has given exclusive authority to the band leader Don Henley to do everything including perfecting every note in the song for as long as it takes him in the studio.

Walsh confessed feeling the Henley perfectionist syndrome is maddening and that Henley might spend up to half a year in the studio perfecting their new album most recent release, double album Long Road out of Eden. Speaking to Rolling Stones journal, Walsh was skeptical about Henley’s leadership style and the perfectionist nature, He admits he loves Henley like a brother but the Eagles are the truly profound thing in his interests. He blames the EAGLES management of going out and availing computer recording software which digitally can redo the space in between notes something the band can do when practicing and sharpen and perfect.

Walsh is angry that the software is not their headache, they are redoing notes and replacing others and the urge for independence in the EAGLES is becoming a very necessary quest. The option which Joe Walsh views as best suited for the problem is a record company boss to manage the bands time frames and help it increase its capacity in managing time and producing refined albums as soon as possible.

In his latest assertions about the need for a record company boss, Joe Walsh is clear that, one time, they had a record company boss who was clear in his instructions. Once he was the band was finished with an album, the executive often told them they had spent their advance and they were finished with the rehearsals, “We’re going to put it out! You spent your advance.’”

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