Reactions to Jane Adams getting a waiter fired over non-tip tweet

October 11th, 2009 - 6:41 pm ICT by Aishwarya Bhatt  

Jane Adams Los Angeles, Oct 11 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The incident which sparked tipping debates and tweeting debates world-wide on the Internet, was also the main traffic-luring story on Thaindian News.

Jane Adams didn’t pay up her restaurant bill and when her agent paid up the next day, then he defaulted on the tip to the waiter. The waiter Jon-Barrett Ingels tweeted about it that “Jane Adams, star of HBO series ‘Hung’ skipped out on a $13.44 check. Her agent called and paid the following day. NO TIP!!!

This lead to his firing soon after when actress Jane Adams discovered that offending tweet.

Many people commented on this incident. Some thought that Jane was being bitchy, some thought that too much importance was being attached to her celebrity status.

Here are some of the most colorful and serious reactions.

lsin Says: How dare ms Adams complain about someone who was annoyed because they got stiffed. If ms Adams was in a position to depend on tips to feed her family; I would say she would feel differently. I will boycott any show that ms Adams is in, and I would reccomend others to do the same.

moemadge Says:
 Before people went online and shared every move they make every day, things like this didn’t happen. I don’t agree with Jane Adams’ behavior but we shouldn’t share our problems at work with the whole world! Many people get fired because of this.

Robert Arvin Says:
 You can put a beautiful dress on a woman but if she is trash it won’t cover that fact up. It’s amazing how we accept some people as ‘idols’ when all they really are is trash freshly pick up out of the gutter. Count me in that ‘never again’ group.

donald Says:
 a tip is supposed to be in response to good service, could this be the reason for none, or is this a simple oversight by the representative. if i depended on tips for my pay,i wouldn’t trash someone for not leaving one, but try and give better service. in this case the waiter shot his onself in the foot

Rnone o Urbizness Says:
 I will join in the boycott! What if she were dependent on the kindness of others in order to get paid for her “service(s)? Also I resent that the server is referred to in the article as blah b. Blah whereas she is referred to with much more respect as Ms. Adams.


 I’m no lawyer, but wasn’t that “tweet” freedom of speech? Oh, waite, we don’t have that anymore. Quite frankly I would have to say that even though it was stupid of the waiter to post such a comment on a public space, it was still freedom of speech, and I would have to say there is a wrongful termination suite here.

Nikki Says:
 I think Ms Adams is entitled to share her comments with whom evey she wants to. Just because Hung thougt she could score a free meal because of her celebrity status. Would u go out to eat in McDonald’s if you knew u didn’t have money to pay for ur food? I didn’t think so. and Would u go to eat in arestaurant to eat if u knew u had no money to pay for ur food? i think she was trying to use her celebrity status to have some free food. Also she should have sent a tip

weyant Says: people should speak their mind this bisiness with people getting fired over speaking their minds has gottwn out of hand. what happened to freedom of speech? as long as it isnt offensive it should be okay.


Paul Says: Sounds like Mr. Ingalls needs to get a lawyer. He could come out very well from this.

carol Says: I’m sure if a non-celebrity went in and did the same and the waiter sent a tweet about it, he would still have a job. Everybody just seems to be worried about celebs!! We are just humans living and working in the same planet!! Just plain rude to say you are going to your car to get money and not have the courtesy to go back in and ask if you can pay later.

moose Says: Hello….There is more than one moron in this pitched battle. The waiter, never been stiffed before? Maybe the service did not warrant a tip. You should spend time serving and not twitting. The actress, have you ever been a server? Just because you f…ed up doesn’t mean that someone should his/her job. The employer, no compassion for your staff? Or maybe a struggling actor/restaurant employee. Being in the service industry for more than 45 years I have seen and heard all the little stories. The person who suggested in obtaining a lawyer is the last moron.

IamNameless Says: 1/Never Tweet about your job/boss/clients. If you must, do not name names.
2/The restaurant owner, should give the waiter a couple days suspension and be on probation.
3/The so called celebrity, should stop being so cheap and start paying her bills. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were a waitress, before making it big in the movies business. I’ll be she (herself) never actually complained, but instead, her kiss ass representative who may have told the restaurant owner “how distressed she was and she’d never come to this place again”. Nothing but another Hollywood story.
Hope the waiter will find a job.

kr Says: This woman is a disgrace to all actors!

Connor Says:
 Look, obviously some of ya’ll don’t understand the world of 3-5 star resorts and restaurants so let me explain,1.You do not comment on guests or employers especially on sites like twitter and facebook. 2. You are there to make the guest happy, not to upset them. And honestly, she may have just not liked the service so suck it up and move on with your life or get a better job. You are the server and you do what your told. THE END!

Oscar Hernandez Says: first off all, lets not forget that he has every right to freedom of speech and to have the right to express whatever he wants. HOW can she not have cash? wtf… we all know that actors have money, credit cards, etc.. and to say that I will be back to pay with a check and then skip out, the manager should have called the cops on her. Think about it, if it was a bluecollar person like us, we would have been arrested. I am bitter because I am sick and tired of actors taking advantage of their freaken status, I SAY F-THEM

TonyC Says: Ummm, she left the restaurant without paying, and stiffed the waiter. So, did anyone notice that she stole food? She walked out on a check which is stealing, yet the waiter gets fired. C’mon, what a low life. She should get the poor guy his job back, or pay is salary. If anything, charge her is a crime. I will not support her crappy show either. Curb is waaaaaayyyy better anyway…

Who do you think is right? Whether Jane Adams used her celebrity status a wee bit too far? Or is Jon-Barrett Ingels wrong in tweeting about his celeb guest? Or should there be any Twitter etiquettes in place? Or with freedom of speech, this is all right and the debate has gone too far.

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