“Prison Break” season four final episode

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Prison Break The story of “Prison Break” that has spanned over four years of hardcore action, has always been colored crimson with all those insane whacking of the hands and toes. The beloved cat being murdered in the prison, the inhuman bathtub tortures, the infinite killings, shootings, stabbings and explosions. Those cracky resurrections and of course the two prison breaks, all this maddening, fast paced and brutal mayhem came to an end on the night of 15th May on the Fox Channel, with the season finale episode of the “Prison Break”.

In the penultimate episode of “Prison Break” Michael had Scylla, the General had Sara, Christina had Lincoln and amidst all these haves Michael needed to make up his mind on whom to save.

The final episode saw Michael and Mahone devising a plan according to which Michael would make a deal with the General and Mahone on the other hand would bargain with Christina. And as per the plan when the General goes to the drop-off, Michael is able to rescue Sara from the General lair by leaving a dummy Scylla case. Meanwhile, on the other side Mahone meets Christina and presents her with a Scylla duplicatem, which later turns out to be a bomb. The bomb manages to kill the henchman of Christna but not Christina.

By the end of the season finale episode, everything, including all the mysteries, are resolved and the action packed series bids farewell to this season with an unlikely soft and sentimental tableau where all the surviving characters are shifted 4 years into the future.

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