President Obama makes View history

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By Anita Thomas
rosie Never in the history of The View or any talk show to date has a President made an appearance on a talk show while still active as President. President Obama is use to making history when in 2009 he became the first black president elected to hold office. Today he took the opportunity to sit down and talk about his presidency, his family and world policies. Barbara Walters makes a special return to the View to join the ladies while the president visits. Walters recently had open-heart surgery to repair a couple narrow arteries. She is back for this one time appearance until the show returns in September after a brief break in August.

President says the rose in his life was a recent vacation his family took to Maine, the thorn Barbara asked, he replied the nation in general. People losing jobs, 401k retirement plans are diminishing, banks closing, war and terrorism along with many more problems facing this nation are all part of the thorn in his side.

Sheri Sheppard wanted his answer to the recent controversy on the forced recognition of Shirley Sherrod for being portrayed as a racist. He acknowledges there are still race issues the nation is dealing with and admits Shirley was treated unfairly. Whoopi, since racism is still a problem in dividing people wanted his opinion on the subject. His feelings on racism are that everyone should treat each person as a person not on whether they are black, white or any other color. He prefers to be known as a person, not black, white or even bi-racial.

Elizabeth brought up her disgusted feeling of the amount of jobless people and how he says the jobless rate is improving, she on the other hand does not see it that way and wants to know why he hasn’t focused more attention on it. He used the auto industry as an example of how his administration helped to restructure big business and reorganizing them, helped to renew the industry and put people back to work. The president also made note that several more bills are in congress and are being discussed to help devise a plan to put the American people back to work.

Barbara asked questions about the war and his strategy in ending it. By the end the month he plans and hopes to remove most of the troops out of Iraq and spend more focus on Afghanistan and the chaos that now plagues their country. The boarders he admitted are not protected and most any one can cross into Afghanistan with no questions asked. Sometime in July of 2011 he wants to able to think out the troops deployed to stabilize Afghanistan.

Co-host Joy Bahar wanted his opinion on more important issues and asked if he knew Lindsey Lohan was in jail his answer “Yes I did, I don’t know how or why, but I do.” When asked he thought Mel Gibson needed anger management help, the president stumbled and had no real answer, he also said he had no idea who Snooki was when asked about her running for mayor.

The President was relaxed and informative during the one-hour episode of The View and seemed to have enjoyed his time with the ladies and their discussions. The View can be seen on ABC network, check local listing for times.

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