‘Predators’ Are Back!

July 28th, 2010 - 6:01 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

July 28, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): In 1987, Predator introduced one of the most enduring and popular characters in sci-fi film history – an invisibility-cloaked extra-terrestrial warrior who wreaked havoc in the jungle. Audiences embraced the film’s rich mythology and a sequel followed a few years later.

In 2010, fear has been reborn at the hands of producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal in their movie Planet Predator.

It may have been 13 years since Predator first excited audiences around the world with its otherworldly might and cunning on Earth. This time, payback comes in the form of seven of the world’s most dangerous killers in a no-holds barred match staged on an alien planet.

Starring Oscar-winner Adrien Brody along with Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix movies), Topher Grace (Spider-Man 3), Alice Braga (I Am Legend) and Walton Goggins (The Shield), this Twentieth Century Fox film is all set to release in India on August 6, 2010 and is also being dubbed in Hindi.

Predators offers something familiar as well as unknown to both fans and casual moviegoers alike. While the film offers multiples of the fearsome war-mongering creatures, don’t expect any hyper-muscled Alpha males to go mano-a-mano with the aliens.

This time, audiences will see not the dreaded, acid-for-blood alien fighting the predators. Rather, it is a human element, a gathering of the most stone-cold assassins, mercenaries, soldiers, and hired guns that have been specially created to lead the audience through the killing fields of the Predators’ game reserve. But given the amount of icy blood running through their veins, chances are people will have a hard time discerning who the predator-prey is in this dangerous game!

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