Pleasure Pit Girls- Dreamers of wedding

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Pleasure Pit GirlsMarriage is not everything but for Pleasure Pit girls marriage is everything and they have been fantasizing since childhood. What girls look for in a marriage is a rhetorical question, they just like the idea of getting married and mostly do not understand the implications. The most trendy way of getting married without extra cost getting involved is by eloping. Eloping is entirely practical and involves consent of both girl and boy. Waiting for the wedding day, planning beforehand for the same is a normal agenda of girls who are to get married. Spending on customs for dresses, jewelery, accessories, decorations are given equal importance. In fact the entire planning is detailed and organized by wedding planners by those who can afford one.

You would surely remember Jennifer Lopez in the movie Wedding Planner, while arranging for a marriage she could not stop dreaming about her marriage. Thats how it is for Pleasure Pit girls, who are caught in the world of marriage vows, love of the man they would tie knots with.

A bridal magazine holds special place in a cupboard of every young girl who dreams of marriage. Dont be surprised if your daughter has a collection, its normal. After all latest trends and fashions in marriage are incorporated from such magazines and its always good to be fashionable and updated.

Pink slip has nothing to do with pink satin dresses which wedding girls wear but the softness of the color adds to the beauty of the girl.

Will a girl forget the diamond ring on her wedding day? Now that a million dollar question and the answer is obviously, no, as she can forget the rest of the world but never the ring. The wedding dress is equally important as the new trend of ivory beaded white bridal dress is the hot favorite of many girls.

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