Peaches Geldof nicknamed Dyson over drug-addiction

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London, May 18 (ANI): She might have tried to keep her wild ways under wraps, but British socialite Peaches Geldof was so addicted to coke, she was nicknamed Dyson by her friends, it has been revealed.

The 19-year-old has always refused indulging in cocaine and following the wild ways of her tragic mum Paula Yates.

However, a former pal has revealed how the daughter of Live Aid hero Sir Bob Geldof regularly hoovered up so much coke that she got the nickname Dyson.

In a sensational interview rock drummer Snell, real name Neal Eldridge, revealed that he witnessed Peaches’ manic drug taking when she started hanging out with his band Towers Of London and began dating singer Donny Tourette.

“Peaches is the biggest hypocrite I know. She would go out on a drink and drug bender with us, then days later publicly claim to have a squeaky-clean, drug-free image. Every time the cocaine came out, she was there first to hoover it up,” News of the World quoted Snell, as saying.

The 30-year-old drummer first became close to Peaches when she watched Towers Of London at the Reading Festival in August 2006.

A few months later Peaches was one of a few close friends invited to lead singer Tourette’s hideaway hotel, Sopwell House in St Albans, Herts, when he walked out of Celebrity Big Brother after just four days.

“There was lots of cocaine around the placeon menus and a glass coffee table, Snell said.

“Within seconds of her arrival Peaches sank to her knees with a rolled PS20 note in her hand.

“She stuffed it deep into her nose, dipped her head towards the coffee table and just snorted a whole chunk of white powder.

“Then one of us handed her a room service menu. She didn’t quite understand why, then saw the white powder. She grabbed the note, balanced the menu in her left hand and snorted another line. She wiped her nose with the back of her index finger.

“From that moment Peaches turned into the centre of attention. She urged us to get more coke and made sure she was first up for another hit.

“Someone then got some crushed ecstasy out and put it on one of the menus. Everyone was talking about it, saying this drug was not our usual.

“Peaches peered at it then she snatched it and took an almighty sniff. Her face went red and her eyes rolled. She quickly sat down on the side of the bed to steady herself. It was one of the few times she stopped talking non-stop. A few minutes later she reckoned she needed some more cocaine to steady her nerves. I believe she snorted at least ten lines over the course of that night,” he added.

Snell revealed that three months later, he witnessed another Peaches drug blowout at Donny’s flat in Shepherd’s Bush, west London.

“It was meant to be a lads’ night in, but at around 1am Peaches rang up and asked to come over, he said.

“Peaches basically ignored us when she walked in and clapped eyes on the coke. It was lined up on a CD case on a coffee table.

“She sank to her knees, put the gear on her lap, picked up a rolled-up gig flyer and ducked her head towards the cocaine. She kept egging on Donny to get more cocaine out. She was insatiable.

“She made a real effort to wipe her nose after each hit. She was paranoid about being caught with tell-tale signs. Then Peaches started panicking about going back home. She asked me for some Valium to help her sleep. “I gave her a 10mg Valium and it calmed her down. Soon after she left,” he added. (ANI)

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