Palin could turn to TV to restore her tarnished image

November 12th, 2008 - 4:42 pm ICT by ANI  

Sarah Palin

New York, Nov.12 (ANI): Losing Republican vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin could turn to television networks across the United States to restore her image, reports the New York Times.
Palin could also turn to television to jumpstart a 2012 presidential bid.
So far, viewers have mostly witnessed some of the very traits disarming candor and staggering presumption that drove some McCain campaign aides to leak damaging accusations about her.
The news media has moved on to President-elect Barack Obama and his transition team as they try to get a grip on the perilous state of the economy.
Palins demeanor is as positive and peppy as ever, but the criticism has evidently taken its toll. Even in her kitchen in Wasilla, Alaska, preparing dinner for the family and visiting reporters, Palin seemed frozen in the bubble of campaign past, fighting to make her case above the whispers of aides, handlers and media consultants.
Palin says that she would loved more opportunities to speak to the American people about what Id like to see of happen there with our country.
She used the term Sarah-centric to describe her campaign rallies, arguing that fans were responding to her more as a symbol than as a person.
Palin has once again denied, vehemently and in detail, that she had any role in requesting or obtaining the 150,000-dollar wardrobe that she and her family acquired on the campaign trail.
She described many of the accusations against her as goofy, including early rumors that she faked her pregnancy and that one of her daughters gave birth to her youngest son, Trig. She blamed bloggers in their parents basement just talking garbage, as well as reporters who did not let her rebut their facts and campaign aides who trashed her anonymously. She did not allow that she ever stumbled or had difficulty getting up to speed on some issues.
Palin said her trust in the news media and Republican consultants had been shaken, but her determination and self-confidence appeared to be unscathed. (ANI)

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