Palin becoming too repetitive for comfort

October 15th, 2008 - 6:19 pm ICT by ANI  

Sarah Palin

New York, Oct.15 (ANI): Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has become so repetitive in her attacks on Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama that it has come to be called Palinopsia by the New York Daily News.
The name of this metaphorical disturbance is derived not from Palin ,the Alaskan governor, but from Greek, “Palin” meaning “again,” and “opsia” meaning “seeing.”
The sufferers see after images, sometimes fleetingly “positive” ones true to the original, often protracted “negative” ones that invert what is actually there. The after images are usually accompanied by “visual snow.”
According to the NYDN, the Palin from the land of actual snow seems to suffer from much the same syndrome in her political vision. In rally after rally, Sarah Palin has depicted Barack Obama with the most negative images, even at variance with reality.
Palin starts with a fragment of truth, such as Obama having fleeting contact with a one-time radical who had since become a prominent professor.
And, without her ever having to say it, this stirs up the old stuff about him really being a Muslim. (ANI)

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