Out of the blue: Deborah (Gibson)

May 16th, 2009 - 10:29 pm ICT by GD  

The latest in the line of Hollywood’s continuing fascination for monstrous freaks of nature out to destroy the world, is the new direct-to-DVD sci-fi flick “Mega Shark V/s Giant Octopus“. While the title being self-explanatory does away with the need to introduce the protagonists, the debuting human cast member, Deborah Gibson’s claim to fame happens to be a pop-star career in the 80’s. Starring with Lorenzo Lamas, in this not-so-novel plot of nature gone wild, Deborah (”not Debbie”) Gibson plays the stereotypical stock character that is inevitable to such flicks: brilliant but eccentric scientist on whom lies the onus to single-handedly save the world( or more correctly, California, in this case) from the sizably overgrown predators. Trying to match wits with (what clearly looks like) a gigantic shark on steroids and an octopus that just forgot to stop growing, scientist Deborah attempts to put the two beasts against each other, in an effort to have them destroy each other.

While whether or not her brainwave actually pays off, forms the content of the movie for the most part, special effects too play their role to the hilt; notable in this category being “Mega Shark” deciding to take a bite out of the Golden Gate Bridge, and “Giant Octopus” trying to get himself a ‘Sub’ of a completely different kind!

Of course what remains to be seen, is whether or not the bridge-crunching and sub-munching giants manage to take teeny a crunch out of the California coastline before good ol’ Debbie comes to the rescue!’

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