Only male oriented shows for Pawan Shankar

June 24th, 2009 - 3:12 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Only male oriented shows for Pawan Shankar Pawan Shankar who tasted the fame with his show “Siddhanth” made a come back to television with “Vicky Ki Taxi” on a new channel REAL. Now this show is all set to go off air so we called up the actor to know what’s next for him.

“For now there is nothing as I am waiting for my movies to release. I’m looking at the offers but not yet decided on what to take,” says Pawan.

Is there any thing on television front? “Well I am getting offers but there is nothing exciting so haven’t decided on that too,” he adds.

What kind of roles you are looking forward to play on TV. “I want a male oriented show bas that’s my only criteria. My both shows Siddhanth and Vicky Ki Taxi has done well though the later one did not get a proper exposure.”

“I really feel that the show could have got more eyeballs but it didn’t. That was upto the channel and I really can’t comment on it. Though we managed to get the extension of just 4 episodes,” she briefs.

Television is mostly women oriented. Do you really think that males fit here as a lead. “Well my last two shows did, so I do feel that there is chance for us to present ourselves on small screen too,” he chirps.

Talking about his flicks, he stated that, “I am waiting for my film “Rajdhani Express” to release with Shabana Azmi and Nandana Sen. Also there is another movie, “Mr Bhatti and Shetty” where Big B has made a guest appearance. There are few other projects so let’s see what happens next.”

Is there possibility to see you soon on television? “Now its upto god I can’t say as have not planned anything,” he concludes.

Male oriented shows… well this is one nice idea to change the monotony in small screen. Great going Pawan

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Only male oriented shows for Pawan Shankar

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