Only for you my child

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Only for you my child When we played with him in the yard, Mother would come out and say, “You’re tearing up the grass”. “We’re not raising grass,” Dad would reply. “We’re raising boys.”…is the household tale. Though he is always been accused of spoiling us, he continues to spoil. “MY DADDY STRONGEST and he has the unprecedented powers to make impossible possible for me”… And thus they are our super-dad’s. Our televisions super-dad’s share their fatherly experience with us.

On screen Anna Suresh Menon has amazing chemistry with his sons. “I have two sons. One is young and other feels I am younger than him. He bullies me all the time though he has got great respect for me. If he sees somebody in weird moustache on TV he will without fail ask me whether it’s me. If I say that it isn’t me he asks, why not? Anybody according to him in weird moustache on TV has to be me”, he shares. He will avoid shooting on father day so that he can spend some quality time with his kids. “I will Just be around them playing with them and watch them playing” he confirms. Suresh precisely defines the fatherhood, “Once you become a parent you stop living for yourself but for your kids. You are willing to sacrifice lot of things that you can live without and you see to it that you give best to them. I would say your ability to sacrifice increases. He goes on, “what we preach they don’t practice it now-a-days, still I try to inculcate Shravan Kumar in them”.

Alas Ali Asgar will be shooting continuously till 17 of this month but he will definitely not miss the celebration. He is celebrating the occasion on 18th. He complains,”In a child’s life fathers are equally important as mothers but they don’t get the credit. Fathers are like a silent contributor in child’s life. It’s never seen that daddy-daddy thing but has been mommy that child calls for. Only when the father is not around child realizes his importance. This has happened with me”. He discloses, “I have a boy and a girl and after their birth my life has completely changed. I have stop living for myself. Now being a dad I take extra care of my health and avoid stunts and pangas. Whatever I do is for my baccha party. I have become calmer now”.

Mukul Dev does not believe in celebrating father’s day. According to him father will be a father for his children any day. “My bond with my child is my greatest possession I would not exchange it for anything in this world” he states. He elucidates, “Being father is great responsibility in itself. Fatherhood has made me little less selfish because now my life is for my little ones. Earlier what ever I use to ask for, be it fame, fortune or money it was for own self and now I ask for them. It’s like I am living a life for someone else.

“Kahin kissi roz’ fame Yash Tonk will spend a quality time with his daughter and will buy her chocolates and Barbie dolls on father’s day. He believes, “Children are god’s special gift. Once they come in your life your life moves according to them. When I saw my kid for the first time and took her in my arms it felt so nice. I thought I have got a life which is given by me. After becoming a parent you start thinking and working for them and for their comforts etc”.

Rohit Roy is planning a tour to London and France with his daughter on father’s day where they will be celebrating her birthday this month. She will also be taken to Euro-Disney trip. He confesses, “I have changed significantly from the time my daughter is born. It has changed my way of looking at life. I have matured from a boy to a man and have become more patient than before. My life revolves around my daughter and I believe I am a best father for her”.

-Deepa Mishra and Rachana Trivedi/ Sampurn Media
Only for you my child

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