One in three Brit men find smaller boobs better

October 9th, 2008 - 5:47 pm ICT by ANI  

Keira Knightley

London, Oct 9 (ANI): A study has revealed that one in three Brit men likes smaller boobs because they are less difficult to handle than the bigger ones.

According to the research, nine per cent of men in the UK get turned off by large breasts, and about 22 per cent would barely consider dating anyone above a D cup.

It was also discovered that 27 per cent of the men preferred boyish figures like that of flat-chested Keira Knightley to the artificial enhancements of Pamela Anderson.

The trend for big boobs was more popular up north where the Scandinavians are all too ready to embrace larger boobs.

And as per an online dating firm, which surveyed 6,500 single men in 13 countries, it was found that Norwegians were the biggest fans of larger breasts, with just one per cent finding them a turn-off.

Sweden showed that it was not picky when it came to sizes, with 81 per cent of men saying they would be happy to see their cup overflow, and 82 per cent also giving the thumbs-up to flatter chests.

In Ireland, only 15 percent of the Irish lads stated that they would never date a woman with big breasts.

These results show that there is a considerable disparity between what women think men find attractive and the truth of the matter, the Sun quoted a coach for the dating service, Dr Nafsika Thalassis, as saying.

We are often told that both men and women are spending increasing amounts of money on their appearance.

But, even though we expect our partners to be well-groomed, it seems that many of us draw the line at dating people with surgical implants.

It also raises the question of why so many people opt for plastic surgery.

Frequently, women say that they want to increase their breast size in order to improve their own self-confidence rather than because they want to attract men.

In reality, however, would they go ahead with the procedure if they knew it was likely to turn off lots of men?

After all there is nothing confidence-boosting about having a surgical procedure that makes you less attractive to the opposite sex, the doctor added. (ANI)

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