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July 27th, 2010 - 6:10 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

July 27, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Tring…..Tring…… “Hello can I please speak to producer Jay Tank” (From the other side) “Yes Jay speaking”, “Sir we have come to know from our sources that you are making a film on a heart touching topic and I guess for that you’ll need musicians?”

Jay said, “Yes there’s a need for the musician but I have spoken to some music directors”, “Sir our name is Nayab-Raja you might have not heard about us and we know that we won’t get this chance easily but we request you to please provide us with 20 minutes of your time to show our musical skills and then we’ll leave.”

Jay replied, “But I have too much of work and almost no time.” Then Nayab countered “Sir we’ll wait till your lunch time”, to which jay asked “what does that mean?” Nayab then replied, “Sir, you’ll eat your lunch at that time we’ll show you our skills and we’ll try to make your food even tastier.”

Then he hung-up and said, “Fine but you’ll have to come today as I have to go out of station for a couple of days and during the day all the other producers of the film are with me. How much time will you take to come to my office as our lunch will be at 2 pm and now it is 1 pm”, to which Nayab replied, “Sir, we are already in your office.” Jay was shocked to hear this because two young lads carrying Harmonium and Tablas came into the office and after doing Dua-salam sat on the floor. Jay was shocked and speechless and Ajay Gehi and Urmish Vohra were too in the similar state.

Jay asked, “This means that you were speaking from the office itself?” Nayab replied, “Sir you were on the 2nd and we were on the 1st floor, now if you’ll give us permission then we can show our musical skills”. Jay, Ajay, Urmish looked at each other not knowing what to say and his office staff also came into his office.

After seeing Nayab-Raja’s condition and style it was very difficult to say that they were going to present a song that the reason of their presence could be justified. Nayab asked Jay for the starting lyrics of his song, then Jay gave them the line “Khuda ke vast, mita do faasle’, Nayab-Raja repeated the given lyrics and played Sa Re Ga Ma on the harmonium in their own style. Then Nayab and Raja looked at each other and the 1st time the tune they played was so mesmerizing that day the this musical meeting ended at 8:00 in the evening. There was no lunch that day it was straight at diner they got up and Nayab-Raja had become the music director for the film Madholal Keep Walking.

They have given a very different and magical music but now only you can tell what magic they have created. Director Jay was so happy with their talent that the Kavali which was to be shot was filmed on them and its shooting took only 2 hours.

–Sampurn Wire

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