Ola Ray sues Michael Jackson over “Thriller” royalties

May 8th, 2009 - 9:34 pm ICT by GD  

Ola Ray It has been more than 25 years since the album, “Thriller” was released. However, even after such a long duration of time Ola Ray has sued Michael Jackson for unpaid cuts of the album’s profits. Ola Ray has filed a lawsuit against Jackson in Santa Monica, California, claiming that she did not get her share from the profits that were earned from the album’s sales. It will be quite interesting to note that this is not the first lawsuit against Jackson for “Thriller”; in fact the acclaimed director of the same album, John Landis, has also sued Jackson for back royalties on 21 January.

Ola Ray, a former playboy playmate, played the role of the girl who was Michael Jackson’s crush in the legendary video. She rose to fame with her blood curling scream and her famous gait in the “14 minutes zombie feast.” Her attorney, Jason Feldman told the media that Ray “wants to get her fair share of payments from this extremely successful project that she’s very proud of.” Feldman also mentioned that Ray “did receive some payments early on, but we don’t believe they were complete, and they were never timely.”

Ray’s attorney has accepted the fact that though Ray was paid some amount through the Screen Actors Guild in 1998 but the payments were much less than her actual share. Feldman said, “We’re expecting it to be a significant sum that she’s owed.” Their expectations are high considering the fact that the video continues to have high sales and the album has been recently re-launched on its 25th anniversary. In addition to this the licensing of the contents of the video to different video games and DVDs will also fetch a “substantial sum.”

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