Of Stars and ‘Strips’: Kara DioGuardi bikini act on American Idol finale

May 21st, 2009 - 5:39 pm ICT by GD  

America’s most popular talent contest, with its much talked about and even more anticipated for its results, wrapped up in a neat two-hour episode package with more than it’s share of trimmings and frills. The season finale, besides finally coming out with the ultimate verdict of who was to be the next “American Idol”, came with some surprise perks.

For starters, Bikini Babe, also known as Katrina Darrell, an otherwise largely forgotten ousted contestant reappeared. Though the rerun of her audition tape in the series of not-so-great performances by Idol hopefuls wasn’t exactly flattering, the audience reaction to her appearance on stage once more in the finale episode clad in a bikini that perfectly complimented her seemingly newly acquired assets, obviously more than made up for her bruised ego. Judge Randy Jackson actually gave her a standing ovation,while Ryan’s compliments earned him a full-on kiss on the lips. No wonder her rendition of “Vision of love”, turned out to be a “vision” alright!

The best however, was yet to come. In a surprise element moment, Kara DioGuardi appeared out of the blue on the stage, taking aback the ‘booty’ licious Bikini Babe. After the initial hugs, she goes on to completely take over, with her performance outshining Darrell’s by light years. She not only outdoes, outsings and outperforms our bikini girl but then goes on to sugar the deal further with the ultimate eye-candy: herself. In one swift motion, when the audience least suspects it, she rips open her dress to reveal her perfectly toned body, clad sexily in a perfectly cut black bikini.The audience reaction of course, was predictable. It went wildly hysterical, with barely containable excitement. Ryan announced that the act was done for charity. The audience of course was completely at peace with such charitable sentiments!

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