Obscene dialogue gets the Censor snip

April 26th, 2009 - 12:34 am ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Now such a blatant scene with a dialogue like that was never used in any mainstream Indian movie before this. No wonder it came as a shocker.

So when it was done, the Indian censor board was like stunned big time and decided to do something about it quickly.

Anyway the self appointed guardians of morality need chances like that to snip scenes in movies, and this was going way too far and provoking them.

We’re talking of realistic filmmaker Manish Gupta’s ‘Hostel’. He’s made “The Stoneman Murders’ which wasn’t that well received and he decided to become more real this time around.

The buzz is that the film revolves around a bunch of students living in a hostel based on a story the director conceived years ago.

This dialogue is said in a scene in the film where the lead characters played by Vatsal Seth and Tulip Joshi are ragged by their seniors and a senior tells Vatsal to squeeze Tulip’s breasts.

The blatant dialogue goes like this: “Iski chhati dabaa. Private mein to dabata hai. Ab bhi dabaa. Nahin toh hum dabayenge.”

The Censor Board was so shocked by the dialogue that they refused to give even an “A’ (Adults Only) certificate to the film. The director was told that such a dialogue would not be allowed in a Hindi film. He had no choice but to snip the dialogue so that the movie gets a release.

Manish then changed the scene so that his hard work doesn’t go down the drain. Now the seniors will be seen forcing Vatsal to kiss Tulip.

The man however talks from personal experience and maintains that such kind of vulgar ragging does take place in colleges.

Well, for now he saved his film We just hope the movie doesn’t desensitize the topic and negate all his hard work after all this. Sampurn Media

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