Now Police Refuses Protection For ‘Dunno Y, Na Jaane Kyun’ During Diwali!

November 8th, 2010 - 5:22 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

November 8, 2010 (Showbiz PR Wire): Considered as India’s Brokeback bromance, DUNNO Y, Na Janne Kyun, a mainstream film on a Gay relationship, is finding it tough to negotiate hard line attitude towards the film, in spite of the article 377 of the high court..

Soon after actor Kapil Sharma’s house was surrounded by protesters from the youth wing of a right wing party to protest on the promos of the film depicting lover’s of the same sex, a group of another protesters protested yesterday at a hotel in Khar, Mumbai, allegedly frequented by gays. Additionally earlier besides facing problems with the censors, Kapil Sharma received threat mails from the right wing, who wanted to ban the film for its bold content.

Moreover, the film which was supposed to release on Diwali has face further trouble, since the police which was supposed to give protection at all the theatres where DUNNO Y, Na Jaane Kyun was supposed to release, has now backed out.

According to sources, since there will be a heavy bandobast of the police for Diwali, there will not be any more forces to deploy at the theatres. Moreover, it coincides with the the visit of President Obama to India, so the forces will be deployed heavily in Mumbai for his visit.

Taking everything into consideration, including the interest of the distributors and various stakeholders in the project, the makers of the controversial film ‘DUNNO Y , Na Jaane Kyun, felt that it would be prudent to release the controversial film the following week on November 12th.

Says Kapil Sharma “ Conservative right wing parties are afraid of the Dunno Y, liberal outlook and are wary that it might change perception and encourage more mainstream film makers to make film on Gays, without resorting to parody on gays. Gay relationship is so proudly showcased in the sculptors of Khajuraho, as well as in the Kamasutra. So what are they talking about hurting the sensibilities and the country’s culture.

There are some security concerns but  I am proud of the fact the fact that Dunno Y, is India’s first mainstream gay love story, but also it’s more than just a story on homosexuality, as it is a multi-layered film on relationship. The film will now release on November 12th.

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