Not a ‘Ghost’ yet: Patrick Swayze death rumors rubished

May 20th, 2009 - 11:06 pm ICT by GD  

As if it were insufficient that the poor man is battling one of the deadliest diseases known to man, Patrick Swayze now has to pinch himself to assure himself that he’s still alive. Thanks to the rumor started by an over imaginative unspecified radio channel in Jacksonville, Florida, stating that the “Ghost” star had passed away, the news caught on like wildfire.

The 56 year-old star, though struggling against pancreatic cancer happens to in fact be, very much alive and according to his spokeswoman, “continues to respond to treatment”. Swayze’s publicist Annette Wolf, issued a statement putting to rest all conjectures and assuring fans that Swayze was in fact “enjoying his life”. She expressed her disapproval of what she believed happened to be a “severely reckless” reporting of obvious misinformation. However, a part of the damage was already done, with the dominoes effect created. In fact, a leading German T.V news channel has even reported the death of the actor.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Swayze had spoken to ABC in January about his traumatic experience with the disease. The conversation was heartbreaking. He confessed that he was “going through hell” and that he had “only seen the beginning of it.” The poignancy of the statement lay in the fact that he seemed to be so completely at peace with what lay in store for him. He even admitted that to expect to live for another five years in his situation, was “wishful thinking”. That being said, hastening him on, on his eventually inevitable way, seems hardly justified or called for.

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