No Surprises on Idol’s Group Three Results

March 5th, 2009 - 7:14 pm ICT by GD  

American IdolAmerica’s most-watched TV Show, the American Idol released its results for Group Three and not surprisingly, there was no one who was not expected to be in the Top 12.

On the episode aired last night, the group performed Kerry Patty’s “Hot ‘N Cold” in a manner that most viewers found cheesy and disappointing at this stage of the competition.

Then Seacrest revealed that the first one through was obviously Lil Rounds. Kara was asked what the judges and the viewers should expect from Lil in the rest of the competition and Kara replied, “Ridiculous vocals”. Seacrest next asked Arianna, Taylor, Alex, Kendall and Scott to stand up and reveals one by one that Arianna, Taylor and Alex are not in the Top 12. It is finally Scott. Randy says he was waiting for Scott to play the piano on his next performance.

Nathaniel “It’s On My Skin” Marshall and Kristen McNamara were out, “for now”, as was Von and Felicia. The next one to go is Ju’Not.

For the wildcard entry, in response to Ryan, Simon said that it was fine to allow people to have another go at the show in spite of a previously performed “stupid song” and other mess-ups. He added it was a difficult decision and that during the last break they had changed their decision about one of the wildcard slots. Once the wildcards were announced, Von Smith was the first one to be in. Next came in Jasmine Murray who Kara said has a lot of commercial appeal and can pick the right songs and stay in her “lane”. The third slot went to Ricky Braddy and the next to Megan Corkrey. Tatiana Del Toro created quite a drama when her name was announced and Simon copied her by closing his eyes and putting a hand over his heart. The audience heaved a sigh of relief when Matt Giraud’s name was announced. The last minute change that Simon had mentioned was Jesse Langseth as Paula confirmed. The last one to enter was Anoop Dawg who Simon said was an easy decision.

The show ended with Jorge’s power-packed performance.

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