No chocolates for Hrehaan: Hrithik

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By Subhash K. Jha
Mumbai, April 20 (IANS) Hrithik Roshan is a strict dad as far as his son’s diet goes. Little Hrehaan, who turned two recently, is not allowed to indulge in chocolates. But on his birthday last month, he was given a real treat - chocolate cake, something he’s kept away from usually.

Said Hrithik: “He can have all kinds of cake…except chocolate. I feel his body doesn’t need it for the first few years. Actually you don’t need chocolate at all at any stage of your life. It just displaces your hunger for proper food. That really bothers me. The moment a child has a chocolate he grows addicted.

“As it is, from the time he (Hrehaan) has a life of his own with his friends he’ll have all the access to chocolate. Believe me I know.”

So is Hrithik a strict father?

“Only as far as Hrehaan’s diet is concerned. As a child I ate the wrong kind of food. In my later years I really had to clean myself up. It was really tough, and I don’t want Hrehaan to go through it. So I’m conditioning him to do the right thing from the start,” the protective dad said.

Chocolaty indulgence apart, Hrehaan’s second birthday was big fun for the birthday boy and his father.

“We had a nice little party in one of the clubs in Juhu. Sussanne organised everything to the last detail. All of Hrehaan’s friends were there. We did the usual fun things, like a magic show and an air castle for them to jump around, there was a mini-train and lots and lots of balloons. But Hrehaan was most excited about the chocolate cake.”

Hrehaan has something else to look forward to. He will have a little sibling by the first week of May.

Hrithik said: “I’m really looking forward it. Fatherhood will be equally beautiful the second time around. It cannot be any other way.”

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