Nicola McLean feels incomplete without Indian bindi

March 24th, 2009 - 4:34 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Mar 24 (ANI): English glamour model Nicola McLean has revealed that wearing an Indian bindi makes her feel complete and extra special.

McLean, 25, who is wearing a bindi, which is an Indian piece of jewellery or cosmetic mark, on her forehead, is from Hamilton, Lanarkshire, and she has been the face of top jewellers Rox, who are designing a diamond bindi in honour of this years tenth Miss Scotland contest.

The Rox bindi will cost 21,000 pounds. My bindi was just costume jewellery in lookalike rubies and diamonds, the Sun quoted her as saying.

But whether its made of diamonds or glass, wearing a bindi makes a girl feel extra special.

I love bindis. When I was growing up in Hamilton, I had an Indian pal and I used to wear hers.

Its like a finishing touch when youre all glammed up.

I think bindis are lucky and I always feel lucky when Im wearing one, she stated.

Rox, who are sponsoring the Miss Scotland contest, are using their top designer Christina Tagore to make the stunning Miss Scotland bindi.

Its made from 18-carat yellow gold, with a stunning, flawless one-carat pear-cut diamond, Tagore said.

It will be a work of art, she added.

The bindi is the most fascinating and mystical of all Indian body decoration, and Hindus place great importance on this ornate mark on the forehead between the eyebrows, a major nerve point from ancient times for prosperity and good luck. (ANI)

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