Nearly 50% of British youngsters dont use condoms with new partners

May 19th, 2008 - 5:28 pm ICT by admin  

London, May 19 (ANI): Despite constant attempts to create awareness about condom use, British teenagers still lack adequate knowledge and nearly half of all under-25s dont use condoms with new partners, a new survey by Ipsos MORI has revealed.

Another report released by the National Aids Trust also found that more than 200 young people questioned rarely or never used a condom.

The body calls for introducing condom advertising on TV and radio before the nine o’clock cut-off.

In National Condom Week, the British public need a wake-up call on condom use, BBC quoted Deborah Jack, chief executive of the National Aids Trust, as saying.

“Too many people don’t know the basic facts on how condoms prevent a sexually transmitted infection such as HIV.

“Too many people are inconsistent in how they use condoms and too many people give up on condoms in a relationship without a health check-up, thus possibly harming their health or that of their sexual partner.

“We need to educate the whole population in the importance of condoms,” Jack added.

The survey revealed that 49 pct of Britons don’t always use a condom with a new sexual partner.

About 24 pct of respondents who had a new sexual partner within the last two years said they would only stop using a condom once they had both been tested for HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).

And only 17 pct said they would always use a condom.

53 pct of the people are increasing their risk of developing STI when they stop using condoms in a relationship, which in turn is creating
problems for doctors in their surgeries.

“I’m seeing more Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and infections like HIV and Hepatitis,” GP Anhoushka Hari told Newsbeat

“A lot of these diseases are silent, so you can be carrying and transmitting one without having any signs of it at all,” she added.

She ahs been treating more and more people with STIs and has also given rise to the number of accidental pregnancies. (ANI)

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