NBC Series “The Philanthropist” Premieres With Bobby Sager

June 24th, 2009 - 8:06 pm ICT by GD  

Bobby Sager The endeavor of Bobby Sager’s is finally going to get a good upthrust with the new NBC series, “The Philanthropist” whose premiere show will be based on him. Considered as a real like hero, Bobby Sager’s works plays as the main inspiration behind the series. In fact Actor James Purefoy, who plays Sager’s role by the name Teddy Rist says that it’s been quite interesting to play such a character since he shows different facets like arrogance, lack of gentility in doing his work besides portraying himself as an estranged man separated from his wife.

Bobby Sager has grown to be a philanthropist in an unique way, specially after he lost his son that turned him into a philanthropist. Not going through the usual way of raising funds, he physically attends the needy and delivers them with help accordingly. In 2008 he made a police world tour where a number of photos featuring anonymous children and distressed from all over the world were showcased- all snapped by Sager himself. The aim was to represent and help the needy who have through their smiles shown hope that life for them can still be revived from poor conditions.
Since Tom Fontana, the executive producer of this NBC series is himself a talented man with production successes of ‘Homicide:Life On The Street’ and ‘Oz’, success of the series can be predicted. It will trace the journey of Sager’s life from a playboy, vigilante to a philanthropist and billionaire. Jessie L.Martin of “Law and Order” and Nevy Campbell of “Party of Five” fame will play Philip as Teddy’s friend and Olivia as Philip’s wife respectively.

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