Nagaraj fails miserably with debut film ‘Premigaagi Naa’ (Kannada Film Review)

October 18th, 2008 - 5:17 pm ICT by IANS  

Film: “Premigaagi Naa”; Story-Screenplay-Direction: Snehapriya Nagaraj; Cast: Shankar, Vandana, Appu Venkatesh, Dwarakish, Umashri and Abhinaya; Music: Rajesh Ramanath; Rating: *Film directors should have a world view and be aware of things happening around them. Let alone having a world view, it seems debutant Kannada filmmaker Snehapriya Nagaraj doesn’t know the geography of his own state.

How else can you explain the director’s ignorance when he includes several parts of neighbouring Maharashtra as towns belonging to Karnataka? Hopefully, Maharashtrian politicians will not watch “Premigaagi Naa”.

This is not the only gaffe Nagaraj makes in the film. The director makes a mockery of filmmaking with his slipshod script. He has also failed to guide the young, fresh faces in the film properly. The movie suffers from an all-round poor performance where even veterans have failed to deliver.

“Premigaagi Naa” makes a torturous viewing exercise. From the first sequence onwards, the film moves at snail’s pace, testing your patience. Even the songs do not provide relief as the picturisation style makes you wonder whether Nagaraj or the cameraman A.C. Mahendar were aware of the technical strides the Kannada film industry has made.

“Premigaagi Naa” is said to be the 100th film of music director Rajesh Ramanath, but his work is nothing much to write home about. He has just rehashed some of his own songs in “Yajamaana” and “Kanasugaara” and has not offered anything new.

Nagaraj’s script is so bad that it seems a hotch-potch combination of various Kannada and non-Kannada film sequences.

The story is the love affair between Ramu and Prema. Ramu is an orphan who stays with his aunt and loves her daughter Prema and plans to marry her with the consent of all the family elders. Ramu, a college student, is also a good singer, encouraged by his aunt and Prema.

Just when everything is going right for Ramu and Prema, a mysterious letter arrives by post containing a photograph of Ramu marrying another woman. Without investigating the matter, the elders in the family decide to marry Prema off with Ramu’s friend.

In the absence of any guidance, debutants Shankar and Vandana utterly fail to show their mettle. Appu Venkatesh, who shows off his six-pack abs, miserably fails to emote.

“Premigaagi Naa” has a weak plot handled very badly by director Nagaraj. Avoid it.

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