My man should be simple, funny, intelligent and humble - Narayani Shastri

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My man should be simple, funny, intelligent and humble - Narayani Shastri Q. What qualities would you look for in your man?
A. He should be simple, funny, intelligent and humble.

Q. Does looks matter to you?
A. Looks No they don’t matter to me.

Q. Your take on ‘love at first sight’…
A. Happens to some people and doesn’t happen to some. I understand the concept but it never happened to me.

Q. Your first crush?
A. Amitabh Bachchan when I was 3 years old.

Q. Do you believe in going out on dates to know a person?
A. Yes obviously, to know a person you have to go on a date otherwise how would one understand a person?

Q. Should your man woo you with flowers and all the other chivalrous trappings?
A. No, I don’t like flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and all. He has to be spontaneous and interesting to have interest on him.

Q. Are men and women different?
A. They are very different from each other in most of the ways.

Q. Is it possible to find the perfect man?
A. It depends on your perception of Mr. Perfect.

Q. Would parental consent be important?
A. Generally if you are talking about my family they agree with whatever I do. But otherwise you should not completely shun off what your parents have to say. Parents are smart, having seen the world more than you. But yes if they are anti about something and if you are sure about it, you should go ahead.

Q. Given a chance to date a historical character, who would he be and why?
A. Shivaji, that’s the first name that comes to my mind. He was very courageous, good looking and he stood by his principles and what he thought was right.

Q. What do you think about the institution of marriage?
A. I don’t agree with it. Good for people who can carry it and still go along with it, who can get married it’s ok. For me if commitment is in my mind I don’t really consider the rules of the society. I don’t need the approval of the society to be with someone. I can still be with someone if I want to without getting married.

Q. What would you do if your man turned out to be a gay?
A. Nothing, I will just ask him to go and look for another man.

Q. Is sense of humor a must?
A. Yes it is because sense of humor makes life very easy.

Q. Is there a Mr. Right hiding in the closet?
A. No, there is no Mr. Right in my life at the moment.

-Shruti Didwaniya / Sampurn Media
My man should be simple, funny, intelligent and humble - Narayani Shastri

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