My conscience is clear: Rakesh Roshan on plagiarism charge

April 12th, 2008 - 7:18 pm ICT by admin  

By Subhash K. Jha
Mumbai, April 12 (IANS) “Krazzy 4″ producer Rakesh Roshan says that his conscience is clear on the allegation of plagiarism levelled by jingle composer Ram Sampath on a song from the movie. He said he has paid Rs.20 million to Sampath to include the song in the film that released Friday. Roshan says that it was only towards the end of March that he learnt that the tune for which he was dragged to court belongs to Sampath and not Sony-Ericsson.

“We took a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Sony-Ericsson and they gave me a letter of consent. I went about this the right way.

“My conscience is clear. Towards the end of March I was told the tune belongs to Ram Sampath and not Sony-Ericsson. Not in my wildest dreams could I doubt the company’s intentions,” Roshan told IANS.

He said: “I was misinformed. I was in a crisis situation and had no choice but to pay up the Rs.2 crores (Rs.20 million) that was asked of me.”

“I’d like to ask Ram Sampath one thing. If his tune was the same as the one in ‘Krazzy 4′ wouldn’t it have been an equally big hit when it was played as part of the cell phone ad campaign? That too had Hrithik dancing in it… Yes, the main hook line is the same,” he added.

“And if Ram Sampath sensed an irregularity why did he wait until my film’s release was around the corner? He could have come to me when the film’s music released at the end of February and made his claim. Why wait for the last minute when the film was about to be released?

“I suspect they were preparing their case for very long. On Monday, I was suddenly faced with this crisis. What could I do but pay up?”

Rakesh clears his brother composer Rajesh Roshan’s name. “Let me state my brother Rajesh Roshan had no hand in this. I told Rajesh to use that portion of the song. He asked me to take a NOC, which I did.”

“We don’t have to stoop as low as to cheat anyone. If the prints of the film hadn’t been sent off, I could’ve cut the song. But I cannot betray my distributors and audiences. I’ve a massive responsibility towards them. I could do nothing but go for a settlement. I had to pay Rs.2 crores (Rs.20 million).”

“What to do? I’m not angry or upset. It just hurts me that I was subjected to this for no fault of mine. One thing is for sure. The doors have opened now to anyone who wants make a claim over anyone’s work. Fortunately ‘Krazzy 4′ has opened very well,” said Roshan.

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