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Vettaikaran Vettaikaran– Vijay’s treat for his fans

Production: AVM Productions, Sun Pictures

Direction: Babu Sivan

Star-casts: Vijay, Anushka, Salim Ghosh, Satyan, Sayaji Shinde, Haneefa, Mano Bala, Sri Hari and others

Music: Vijay Anthony

Rating: 2.5/5

For those critically disappointed with Vijay’s previous films “Kuruvi’ and “Ghilli’, there’s something great to rejoice. Aye! “Vettaikaran’ exactly savors to the tastes for the ardent fans of actor Vijay. Though Babu Sivan presents the film with clichéd commercial elements, it turns to be a sort of entertainment.

“Vettaikaran’ is loaded with half-dozen of punch dialogues, action-packed sequences, Anushka’s glamorous treat, enjoyable songs and comedy. Of course, what else does an audience need when they’ve decided to watch a passable entertainer?

But lots of predictabilities in the screenplay do take a toll on patience as Babu Sivan blatantly replicates the description of scenes and characterizations from various films, specifically from his mentor Dharani’s films.

Nothing seems to have broken down the spirits of Ravi (Vijay), who aspires to be like his role model Devaraj IPS. Regrettably, the guy hasn’t passed his 12th grade, which makes his father yell at him often. But, he succeeds clearing his arrears on 4th attempt and heads for Chennai to complete graduation. He has got one mantra to achieve– become a cop, serve the society. Ravi doesn’t depend on his cheese-paring dad for financial support and earns his livelihood being part time auto rickshaw driver.

He comes across new friends, dream girl Susheela (Anushka) with whom he falls in love at first sight. Everything makes him happy in Chennai except one thing: absence of his inspirer IPS officer Devaraj as he’s disappeared on the spur of the moment.

Meanwhile, Ravi’s ambitious plans about becoming a cop is at stake when he clashes with the most pernicious criminals Chella, his dad Vedanayagam (Salim Ghosh).

What unfolds next is a series of combats breaking out between Ravi and the goons.

As mentioned earlier, Babu Sivan seems to have crafted the script just for the purpose of gratifying the tastes of Vijay’s fans. The first half is neatly blended with fun, frolic, love and establishments of conflicts between the characters. To be precise, the 90mins of first half has a paced-up screenplay that keeps you engaged with the show. But, the second half (75mins) fails to deliver the riveting ingredients. The narrative aspects loose its substantiality in the latter part as well. Sparing few scenes like the bad cop (Shayaji Shinde) transformed as a genuine person and the climax with Devaraj IPS settling scores, none of them are found to be engrossing.

Most of the sequences have been lifted from Perarsu’s “Tirupatchi’ and “Bhagavathy’.

Vijay’s laudable performance adds more strength to the film thereby diminishing the flimsy narrative in second half. Anushka has no prominence in the film other than shaking legs with Vijay for songs and gradually disappear. Salim Ghosh scores brownie points with his extraordinary acting as the filmmaker depicts him in a better role. Srinath is okay while Delhi Ganesh and Manobala have been wasted.

Technically, Vijay Antony’s musical score Vijay’s wizardry over dance is a grand treat for all. “Oru Chinna Thamarai’ and “Uchimandaiyla’ has been marvelously choreographed. Both cinematography and editing doesn’t help for the film’s technical enhancements.

It looks like Babu Sivan has no regards of giving importance to logic. It can be illustrated with the role of Devaraj IPS, who keeps making headlines everyday in media. How come the same media channels failed to unravel the secret behind his disappearance?

On whole, “Vettaikaran’ could’ve been be a better fare if Babu Sivan had crafted a completely different screenplay in second half from what it is now. With Sun Pictures persistently promoting the film, the film has all probabilities to strike gold in box office. But, it’s a worth watching the film only if you’re an ardent buff of Vijay alone.

-R. Richard Mahesh/ Sampurn Media


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