Movie Review: Maruti Mera Dost (2009)

June 5th, 2009 - 3:36 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Maruti Mera Dost (2009) Maruti Mera Dost: Too juvenile

Rating: 1.5 out of 5*

Starring: Chandrachur Singh, Ritika Srivasatava, Eric Nanda, Sushmita Mukherjee, Vindoo Dara Singh and Murli Sharma

Director: Manikya Raju

Eight year old, Rameshwari (Ritika) loses her mother during her birth and is brought by her dad, Kunwar Raghavendra Singh (Chandrachur) who remarries for getting her a mother. While Rameshwari’s stepmom Mohini is a kind soul of sorts, her mother Kokoi is diabolical character, a witch whose sole aim is grabbing Raghavendra’s entire property for which she is even willing to kill the father and daughter. As Kokoi’s evil plans start getting troublesome for Rameshwari, the little girls seeks help from her favourite deity Lord Hanuman (Vindoo). Hanuman sends for her help a friend, Maruti (Erik) a small boy with magical powers. Kokoi realizes the reasons for her all her nasty plans going flop is none other than Maruti. She then succeeds in creating a misunderstanding between the two kids and brings Rameshwari to a situation where she herself tells him to go out of the house. Once Maruti leaves Kokoi gets back to her devious plans. But how Maruti comes back and destroys Kokoi and her evil coteries plans forms the rest of the film.

Though aimed as a children’s film, it literally offers nothing novel to today’s kids who are growing up on much superior content through television shows and foreign kiddie flicks. Mixing in mythology to save a poor little kid is again a ghisa pita concept, also seen recently in movies such as My Friend Ganesha etc. Also, one fails to understand why are certain adult elements included in a children’s film? Technically though the film is up to the mark with some good special effects, it fails to hold your attention throughout since you know what is going to happen next. Certain situations are well handled by the director Manikya Raju but then they are very few. It seems to be an unwritten rule nowadays to incorporate the Hanuman Chalisa in Hanuman related films. This film is no exception either.

The acting department however salvages the film from being a total downer. Making a come back after a long time, the droopy eyed Chandrachur is good. Murli Sharma as the evil tantrik and Shahbaaz Khan as the murderer are menacingly good too. Sushmita Mukherjee is scary. Vindoo fits the part of Lord Hanuman just like his father Dara Singh. However, the best acts are by the two kids Ritika Srivastava and Erik Nanda. They are absolutely natural.

It’s a tragedy that despite a good budget, makers fail to come out with something innovative especially for children. -Sampurn Media
Maruti Mera Dost (2009)

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