Movie Review: Let’s Dance (2009)

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Let's Dance (2009)
Let’s Dance: Dancing’s great but film isn’t
Rating: 2 out of 5*

Starring: Introducing Gayatri Patel, Ajay Choudhary, Aqib Afzal, Anjan Srivastava and Nikunj Pandey

Director: Aarif Sheikh

The film tells the story of a dancer, Suhani (Gayatri Patel) who wants to make it big in the showbiz industry without doing any compromises such as the usual traps of casting couch or sleazy dance numbers in skimpy outfits. While her journalist roommate isn’t too optimistic about her aspirations, Gayatri is confident. Gayatri also teaches poor kids how to dance. Once, late night she discovers slum kids dancing on the road very enthusiastically. Impressed she invites them to her dancing school. Things also start looking up for her when her new acquaintance Neil (Ajay) who owns a restaurant starts believing in her dreams. Gayatri meanwhile also gets a chance to work along with hot shot music video makers RJ (Aquib). But trouble then comes in the form of her landlord who wants to sell of his place where she runs her dance school for poor kids. Now since she has turned down RJ’s casting couch offer, she is deprived of her job and money that she deserves. Her only hope remains a dance show through which she aspires to earn enough money to buy the same place and save her school.

Now where have you heard that or seen it before if you may wonder then its not long back. Almost a similar story line of a passionate dancing girl wanting to say her dancing school and then organizing that one big show was seen in Madhuri Dixit’s comeback venture Aaja Nachle. But leaving that aside the whole film comes across as an amateurish attempt. The romance between Gayatri and Ajay appears half baked. The dialogues are good at places though and the choreography simply mind blowing.

Gayatri Patel is a brilliant dancer and a decent actress too but Ajay and Aquib simply can’t act. The most impressive actor however is Nikunj Pandey.

Go for it if you are a dancing fan and don’t mind sitting through a boring plot for the sake of some great dance sequence. -Sampurn Media

Let's Dance (2009)

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