Movie Review: Anthony Yaar (2009)

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Anthony Yaar (2009) Anthony Yaar– Refund your tickets
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Producer- C. Vijaya Kumar
Direction- CT. Pandi
Editing- Suresh Urs
Cinematography- Santanio
Music- Dheena
What actually urges filmmakers to craft such stories with clichéd patterns of yesteryear films? A billion dollar question indeed! “Antony Yaar’ is completely brimmed with an ill-natured script with dragging screenplay. It offers nothing but déjà vu of films that were made in early 80s with a savoir who redeems innocent people from the baddies.
Shaam who was pathetically drenched in continuous flops made a strong comeback with Telugu flick “Kick’. But, one really wonders how come he chose such an awful film. Finally, as you step out of theatres, you’re left ungratified for spending couple of hours for an unworthy flick.
The film centres on Anthony (Shaam), an orphan raised by a church priest (Rajesh) who leads his life as a fisherman. Indeed, he dedicates his entire life for the well-being of innocuous fishermen community. There you’ve a baddie Michael (Director Lal), who very often troubles the fishers. When Anthony heads all the way raising his voice for justice, he is beaten black-and-blue and thrown into deep sea. Well, when these innocent people pray to God to save Antony, he blesses them.
Rest of the film is about Anthony settling scores with baddies and bringing peace into the lives of his community.
Shaam doesn’t fit the role of fisherman and struggles a lot in delivering right emotions. Ditto to Malikka Kapoor. She has no scope other than shaking legs in couple of songs. Vivek’s comedy tracks don’t evoke laughter. It’s merely Lal who does justice to his role and deserves appreciation.
On the technical aspects, none of the songs by Dheena are commendable. Cinematography by Santanio has few eye-catching visuals.
“Antony Yaar’ has no chances of making it big on box office as it lacks solidity in every quotient.
Verdict- Not worth watching.
- R. Richard Mahesh/ Sampurn Media
Anthony Yaar (2009)

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