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November 16th, 2010 - 1:05 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Nov 16 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Mean Gene, who is one of the most memorable voices of WWE history, came out to the ring as WWE went Old School last night. Cowboy Bob Orton, Randy Orton’s father was called to the ring, as Monday Night Raw began their vintage presentation of the show, featuring many names from the history of the WWE.

As Bob Orton spoke of his son’s expected victory in the upcoming Survivor Series wrestling event on Sunday. Wade Barrett stepped out to warn him that his prediction of his son’s chances were phony, and Wade said that he will defeat Orton and become the WWE Champion. The Mix showed up to put in his two cent’s worth about how he will be the one to win. He is still holding the ‘Money on the Bank’ contract, which means he can fit anyone, anywhere, at any time. He told Barrett he would cash it in last night, making sure that the fight between Orton and Barrett would never happen on Sunday.

John Cena showed up on the big screen to let the Miz know that he would not be cashing in anything last night, because Cena was challenging him to a match right then, tonight. Cena made it very clear that he was protecting himself, because of Barrett wins at Survivor Series, then Cena is free from the Nexus. Mia agreed to the match with Cena.

The Hart Dynasty had a tag team match against Slater and Gabriel of Nexus. Using tactics such as tagging in and spending a few minutes of two on one, the Nexus members seemed to dominate a good bit of the match. Tyson Kidd backed out on his teammate, David Hart Smith, and would not tag in and help out, which led to the victory of Nexus.

The Brooklyn Brawler lost a match to Ezekiel Jackson, much to the dismay of many of his old school fans. Pretty soon afterwards, it was time for the match-up between the “Awesome” Miz and John Cena. Miz made the point that Cena thought that if he took Miz out right now, then he would not be able to cash in his Money in the Bank later in the night to fight with Orton. But Miz decided not to fight against Cena, but put his apprentice, Alex Riley in his place.

It was clear from the beginning of the match that Riley was out of his league with Cena. John pretty much took Riley to school during the entire first part of the match, as fans watched to see if things would change. As the referee was distracted, Miz knocked Cena down, giving Riley the upper hand.

It did not take Cena very long to regain control, and soon Riley was laying on the mat to receive a Five Knuckle Shuffle from Cena. John then administered the Attitude Adjustment, and a STF to win the match. Orton ran to the ring, and soon a fist fight ensued between Orton and Cena, with officials from everywhere stepping in to break it up. Right at that time, the General Manager popped in to announce that there would be a ‘Piper’s Pit’ show later in the night, with ‘Rowdy Roddy Piper interviewing both Cena and Orton.

Jerry the King Lawler and Michale Cole seemed to very much be enjoying the night as Nicolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik stepped into the ring. Just as Nicolai began to sing the Russian anthem, Santino an Vladamir Koslov came out so that Koslov could sing along. Soon, however, the crowd began to chant “USA, USA!” As they continued their song, Santino announced the arrival of one of the WWE managers from back in the day, Slick, who had his own song to sing.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka made his way to the ring, as Santino and Koslov prepared for a match which they quickly won, making them the number one contenders for the tag team championship. Sheamus stormed into the ring to finally get his hands on Santino, but John Morrison once again came out to kick Sheamus in the head. He shared his reason, “You’re a bully, Sheamus, you want a fight? I’m right here, let’s go!” But Sheamus backed down, and went backstage.

Kofee Kingston and David Otunga of Nexus were up next. Soon after their match was underway, George “The Animal” Steele made his way out to the ring, seemingly terrifying the announcers as well as the audience. He so began to eat the turnbuckle, as David Otunga looked on in shock. Kingston took advantage, and shoved Otunga into the exposed ring post, thus winning the match, Old School.

A match between R True and Wade Barrett came next, with R True knocking Barrett completely out of the ring, almost on his head which made the announcers wonder if Barrett would be injured in the match to the point that he wouldn’t be able to compete at Survivor Series. Wade soon came back, and delivered an elbow to R True’s chest, and eventually winning the match.

Many more superstars from the past were there for the show, including Mae Young. Michelle McCool and Layla came out to try and make fun of MS Young, calling her a dinosaur. Mean Gene asked Mae is she had anything to say, and she asked for a match with LayCool…a no disqualification match. Mae had quite a few very colorful words for the two girls. But Laycool seemed to back down when several WWE Divas came out to fight for Mae Young. Mae managed to connect with Layla’s jaw, and with the help of the Diva’s, she won the match.

Jim Ross made an appearance, which thrilled King Lawler, and upset Michael Cole greatly. As Daniel Bryan, the United States Champion , JR began to help call the match. Jack Swagger walked toward the ring to wrestle against Bryan, as JR and Cole bantered back and forth. Soon the three men seemed to be cheering for anyone, just to end the match, which Bryan soon did. As soon as Bryan won, however, he was assaulted by Ted Dibiase, and left in bad shape.

Jimmy Snuka, Bob Orton, IRS, Tito Santana, Sgt Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Brooklyn Brawler, Chavo Classic, Mean Gene, Howard Finkel, Mae Young, Gerald Brisco, The Million Dollar Man Ted DIbiase, Slick, Tatanka, Tony Atlas, Arn, Anderson, Ron Simmons, Dusty Rhodes, George Steel, Jim Ross, The Iron Shiek, and Nikolai Volkoff were all honored as WWE legends.

Rowdy Roddy Piper was then brought out for his ‘Piper’s Pit’ show, in which he would interview John Cena and Randy Orton. Roddy shook Cena’s hand, and informed him that he was a big fan. He stated that he had been competing for over thirty years, and had never been the WWE champion, “And it does eat at me a little bit,” he added. Many other Hall of Famers were never WWE Champion, and he let Cena know that if he lets Wade Barrett have the WWE Championship, then he is spitting int he face of all the heroes he claims to look up to. “Don’t you spit in my face, John Cena. You’ve been a man since you joined the WWE. Consequences be damned. Do the right thing.”

John shared with him that he is not sure what the right thing is. He said that the respect he has for all of the legends is the reason he steps into the ring. Cena went on to say that the “Old School” guys are his heroes. And he realizes that if he hands over the championship, he won’t be the man he wants to be. So he said that if Wade Barrett wins he must earn it. “I am going to call the match down the middle. I don’t care anymore.”

Wade then stepped out to tell John that he agrees, “Just call it down the middle, I can win it with no help. But the reality is this, if I don’t win the WWE title, you are finished.” Roddy told Wade to shut up, and that is he were to be given the belt, he would be no champion, he would just be a joke. But Wade decided to take that moment, on the night that was to be John Cena’s last night as a Nexus member, no matter which way Survivor Series goes, he told Cena to put on the Nexus shirt. John put on the shirt, and looked Wade in the eyes, and told him that as soon as the match at Survivor Series is over, he would turn his face into mush. Wade threatened to have Nexus neutralize John.

Just then, Orton’s music began, and out he came. Orton came out and told Cena, “I could take you out, John…” but then he turned on Wade Barrett and slammed him. Just as he was about to kick Barrett in the head, Cena stepped between them, stopping Orton.He went on to give Orton the Attitude Adjustment. If Wade is unable to compete on Sunday, then Cena will not be free of Nexus.

But as Wade demanded that Cena raise Wade’s hand in victory, Cena lost it, and gave Barrett an Attitude Adjustment of his own. As Wade lay on the mat, John ripped of the Nexus t-short and threw it on Wade. Will Wade insist Cena is fired for this? Was this Cena’s last appearance on Raw? The answer won’t be clear until Sunday, but Roddy was very proud of Cena’s actions and raised Cena’s hand in victory.

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