Monday Night Raw Prepares for Hell in a Cell

September 21st, 2010 - 5:03 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Sep 21 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As the show began on Monday Night Raw last night after ‘Night of Champions’ on Sunday, the announcer began the show by introducing the new World Champion….’Randy Orton’. Orton was said to have won decisively against Sheamus in the pay per view event over the weekend. Sheamus came out and demanded a rematch, which the General Manager agreed to….in two weeks at ‘Hell in a Cell’.

WWE Tag Team Champions ‘Dashing Cody Rhodes’ and ‘Drew McEntire’ came out next, showing off their belts as ‘the Hart Dynasty’ came out to watch them wrestle against ‘Santino’ and ‘Vladimir Kozlov’. The match was won by the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

The next match which was held in Indianapolis last night on Raw was between ‘Chris Jericho’ and ‘John Morrison’. Morrison was quite impressive with his moves, which are revolutionary. The wrestlers from 10 or 15 years ago were not trying these moves. Jericho was here to fight after denying his promise to leave Raw if he lost at Night of Champions. And Morrison beat Jericho again.

‘Edge’ came out to battle with ‘Daniel Bryan’, the new ‘United States Champion’. he won the title by beating ‘The Miz’, who is not at all happy with those results. Edge won the match after ‘Alex Riley’, a man hired as Miz’s personal assistant, interfered.

But the General Manager stepped in just then, and stated that the referee’s decision was being reversed, and the winner of the match as a result of disqualification was Daniel Bryan, because of the interference of Miz. Edge threw a fit and loudly expressed his disgust with the GM.

‘Melina’ and ‘Layla’ went at it next, as ‘Michelle McCool’ sat with the announcers while rooting for Layla. Melina pretty much dominated the match, however, until the very end, when Layla managed to slam her onto the ring and knock her out for a three count. ‘R True’ won in a match against ‘Ted Dibiase’ soon after.

And finally, the match everyone had been waiting for was about to start. The leader of ‘Nexus’, ‘Wade Barrett’ came out the the ring to meet the already waiting ‘John Cena’. But Wade announced that there had been a slight change of plans, and that there was going to be a ‘Gauntlet Match’ against the other four Nexus members before Cena could face Barrett himself.

His reasoning for this was that Cena had said that he was going to take Nexus out “one by one”. So John agreed to run the ‘Nexus Gauntlet.’ Cena beat the first member pretty quickly and Otunga marched out to fight Cena next.

Cena seemed to be getting somewhat tired as he fought this battle, but then again, Cena is known for “catching his second wind” just when you thought he had lost. He won this one pretty quickly as well, and the next Nexus member ran out.

Tarver went right after Cena, giving him no time to rest. Cena quickly grabbed Tarver and placed him in a submission match which made him tap out as Gabriel ran to the ring. Gabriel managed to get a two count on Cena, but Cena seemed determined to get his match against Barrett.

With three members of Nexus down, Gabriel was drop kicked by Cena. This is a newer move for John Cena. Gabriel managed to pull off a moon-sault, but Cena still managed to kick out of the count. Cena pulled a suplex on Gabriel, but Gabriel kicked out at two.

Then Cena caught his second wind, and was just about to beat Gabriel when the rest of Nexus ran in to attack Cena. Barrett brought in a steel chair, but Cena took it, and Nexus scattered, running in fear. The entire group ran off like scared rabbits after the bell rang to indicate the match was over because of a disqualification.

Cena took the mic and told Wade Barrett “The way I see it, you owe me,” and suggested that Barrett come back to the ring and fight him “right now.” But Wade wanted speculations on the match. He agreed to fight Cena in two weeks at Hell in a Cell if Cena agreed to these terms, “I beat you, you become a part of this,” as Barrett pointed at his shirt with the Nexus emblem. “If I win, John Cena joins the Nexus.

“You think I’m gonna back down from a fight with you? You’re on.” Cena stated. But he added, “Here’s what happens if I win…if I win, Nexus is done.” Wade Barrett agreed, giving a very interesting plot to the Hell in a Cell event which will be held in two weeks.

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